Master Sagittal Plane, Coaching Progressions, Detaching, & TFL Inhibition – Movement Debrief Episode 5

Did you miss Movement Debrief live yesterday? Though much more fun live, I have a video of what we discussed below.

This debrief was quite fun, as we had an impromptu viewer q&a. Thank you Alan Luzietti for the awesome questions! If you follow along live on Facebook or Youtube, I will do my best to answer any questions you ask.

Yesterday we discussed the following topics:

  1. Why you should emphasize sagittal plane activities longer than you think
  2. How to coach exercises to maximize client learning and compliance
  3. Why detaching from your client encounters makes you a better clinician
  4. Viewer Q&A – “centering from the chaos” & TFL Inhibition

Lastly, if you want the acute:chronic workload calculator I spoke about, click here.

Without further ado:

Master Sagittal Plane

Coaching Progressions



TFL Inhibition


  1. I hope I marry someone as smart and handsome as you some day!! ;). Keep up the great work Zac! I always learn so much and that story with the last client was super inspiring!!! As always, so impressed. Thanks for all you give back and share and for keeping it real!!!!

    1. I am single fyi 😛

      Appreciate your kind words and readership. Hope all is well your way!

  2. Hi Zac. Loving the new podcast. Im a newbie to PRI but Im hooked and making my way through home study courses. You mentioned clearing all of the sagital tests- SLR, shoulder flexion etc before moving onto frontal and transverse plane. If someone has myofascial restriction in shoulder mobility, would you get them to stretch/mobilize this before progressing PRI program? Thanks, I hope that makes sense : )

    1. Hey Marcel,

      Thank you for the kind words and I appreciate you liking my work.

      Could you clarify a bit what you mean by a myofascial restriction and provide an example? Would help me better answer you.

      Thank you and I appreciate your comment!


      1. Hi Zac

        I am thinking of a shoulder where you have done the usual PRI exercises and manual techniques, and the ROM is still restricted . Could this just be soft tissue/capsular restriction and require “classical ” stretching ? Hope that makes sense . Cheers Marcel

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