Hip Rotation Explained – Movement Debrief Episode 111

Movement Debrief Episode 111 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me.

Here is the setlist:

  • What is the relationship of the infrasternal angle (ISA) to the compressive and expansive strategies at the pelvis?
  • What would hip rotation limitations look like in these compensatory strategies?
  • What does limited hip internal and external rotation signify?
  • What interventions would need to be done to improve hip rotation?
  • Do I have any favorite moves?
  • Why would unilateral Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain occur?
  • How does sacral rotation occur?
  • What types of activities could improve sacral rotation capabilities?
  • How can tensor fascia lata (TFL) cramping be reduced during the hip shift?

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and the audio version:  

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Here are a bunch of debriefs on the infrasternal angle and thorax

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Here is a great hip flexion test video courtesy of Daddy-O Pops Bill Hartman

Before working on maximizing sacral movement, the first step is to achieve the stacked orientation. Think you got it? Test yourself by trying this activity:

You could also go with a chair and wall tilt to teach this:

If you want to progress sacral counternutation, then you’ll want to squat. I start my peeps at high depths here:

Then work to lower depths here:

If you want to maximize sacral nutation, then you’ll want to drive hip extension. An amazing move would be the rolling skywalker:

You can progress this to a sidelying stride:

Here is an example of a retro walking exercise (and me with hair and 20 extra pounds):


Here is a link to a squat test you can do. The biomechanics are a bit outdated in explanation, but it’s a good test nonetheless, and close to what I do in the clinic Try to get below parallel without cheating:

Interpreting Hip Rotation Assessments 

Question for next Debrief … Zac, would you please explain the relationship of the ISA, compressive and expansive strategies of the pelvis, and the implications this has with either a lack of hip ER and IR? Would one need to improve posterior or anterior expansion at the pelvis to improve hip ER or IR? If so, how would you suggest

How Does the Pelvis Rotate? 

Fam, can you discuss one-sided SI J pain in the next debrief? I feel as though bilateral nutation/counternutation has been covered quite clearly, but I still don’t have a great understanding of why 1 sided SI J pain (specifically right side) might be persistent. I have an incredibly hard time with retro walking where the right leg is coming back and being loaded and often have issues with the right SI J feeling mal-positioned and affecting same-sided hip and knee causing pain.

Troubleshooting the Hip Shift 

Scott Hey Zac big fan any advice every time I do hip shift right my TFL almost cramps and gets tight any advice on what could be going on and if any drill might help

Sum Up

  • Hip external rotation loss corresponds with concentric anterior outlet
  • Hip internal rotation loss corresponds with concentric posterior outlet
  • Though particular infrasternal angle presentations can have certain rotation restrictions, progressive compensation can change one’s bias
  • Interventions should focus on teaching the stack, restoring counternutation, and then improving sacral nutation
  • Sacral rotation occurs by ipsilateral counternutation and contralateral nutation
  • Before shifting, make sure you have the ability to stack and can squat below parallel
  • If cramping occurs during a shift, consider reducing hip flexion or adducting/abduction before shifting

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst