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Online Movement & Fitness Training

Stop solving your fitness issues through social media. We can help!

Feeling stuck in your training? Are pain and mobility limitations limiting what you can do in the gym? Spending HOURS on social media trying to figure out what to do?

If you want to break free from these chains and achieve fitness gains, you’re at the right place.

Our fitness programs have one goal in mind: pain-free fitness.

Keith could hit a jumping PR after his ACL surgery (and had his lowest resting heart rate yet) after training with us

How Training with Us is Different

We don’t throw random exercise templates at you and hope for the best.

You’ll get a customized program targeting your unique needs and goals.

It starts with our in-depth online movement assessment. We’ll deep dive into your goals, stuggles, and skills you are looking to master.

Shuai was able to squat deeper and with less pain after working with us

From there, the steps are simple:

  1. We figure out where you can’t move
  2. We’ll coach you through movements within the call to help you move better immediately.
  3. You’ll receive a program tailored to improve your mobility AND fitness goals. The most advanced training, nutrition and recovery strategies in the biz. Fewer aches and pains, more movement gains.
  4. Twice a week we reach out. You’ll get coached up and your program will evolve, ensuring continued progress. Your success is our mission.

This process works! Whether you’re a:

  • Beat up trainer or therapist
  • Someone who has recovered from an injury but struggles getting back to training
  • Athlete (we’ve helped endurance athletes, basketball players, and more!)
  • Special forces

We’ll work with you. Helping guide you through busting those plateaus.

Here is what my clients are saying

Matt Costello

Working with Zac was very helpful for me. I broke my foot halfway through the year so I spent a lot of time with him. He helped me stay in shape even when I wasn’t able to do all of the exercises because of my broken foot.

Matt Costello, professional basketball player
Matt Gatens

Zac was asked to train the entire team in the weightroom, manage pregame and recovery meals/snacks, give individual attention for injury prevention/rehabilitation, and ask each individual how their bodies felt and how much they slept that night. Zac went above and beyond on each of those tasks, and he put everyone of us in priority over him.

He was willing to work at any time. He was always enthusiastic about improving the team everyday as well as himself. Zac improved my athleticism dramatically.

Before working with Zac I was guarding the opposing team’s worst guard offensively at the collegiate level, after rehabilitating with Zac for 2 months I was guarding the opposing team’s best offensive player at the professional level. Zac helped my career for years to come, and I know he looks to continue his growth more than that. On all road trips I witnessed Zac studying textbooks and taking notes. He is relentless in pursuing excellence.

Zac is the total package.

Kellen Dunham, professional basketball player, Capital City Go-Go
Matt Gatens

I had a great experience working with Zac in the weight room . He made the workouts challenging and enjoyable while introducing many ahead of the game techniques. He constantly studies what he teaches and continues to grow as a coach. In the physical therapy room he challenged me post surgery to work on the muscles necessary to get back as quick as possible. He showed me movements and drills I had never seen before. I always looked forward to working with and learning from Zac during our sessions.

Matt Gatens, former professional basketball player

Zac is a wonderful personal trainer who not only helped me actualize my own personal health goals, but made the process fun and rewarding.

He took time to learn about my past training experiences and made adjustments along the way to determine the best program to achieve my personal goals—which in turn helped me to see the change I wanted. Zac’s knowledge as a physical therapist provided tremendous value as I was able to learn proper technique for each movement to maximum benefit and minimize potential for injury.

Most importantly, he has a great attitude and matches the sessions to your mood on any given day. I am happy that I had the chance to work with him. Thank you Zac!

Chantal H., Memphis, TN


Your Coaches

Sebastian Saur

Sebastian Saur, DPT

Love sports and moving but scared of getting hurt? Meet Sebastian!

He’s not just any PT or coach. With a decade of experience, he’s your go-to for moving your best and staying healthy.

Learn more

Move for LIFE: Movement Training for All

Sebastian got skills from big names like Bill Hartman and Zac. He’s all about that “Move for LIFE” vibe. With him, you won’t only up your game for your favorite activity. You’ll learn to move better everywhere!

He loves using cool tools like sandbags, ropes, and more. Let’s

Ideal Clients: Active & Wanting More

Do you like sports or have a movement hobby you wanna be better at? You’re Sebastian’s kind of person.

Do you have pain fears? He helps people go from “ouch” to “oh yeah!”

Ask his former marine/crossfitter who went from 10+ years of back pain to being able to train like an animal. NO limits!

Quick Facts: Skier, BJJ Fan, & Music Lover

  • Sebastian loves skiing and BJJ
  • He vibes with all types of music
  • He’s German-American, giving him that unique style.

Not For You If…

You’re not into learning or only want quick fixes. Sebastian’s about that long-term health life.

Zac Cupples, DPT

Looking for a top online movement coach? Want a world-class program? Zac is your answer.

He has 11 years of experience as a physical therapist and strength coach. His skill is why he both worked in the NBA and teaches movement all over the world.

Learn more

Fitness and Movement for All

Zac’s clients are diverse. He’s helped movement pros and athletes of all kinds reach their goals. Training with pain or recovering from injury? Zac can help you out

Intelligent Training, Lasting Gains

“Movement is a skill you need to practice,” is Zac’s guiding principle. He integrates ALL movements to help you reach your goals–from tai chi to sprinting. Calisthenics and lifting.

The Perfect Client Match

Are you committed, open-minded, and goal-oriented? Zac can help guide you to your goals. Your enthusiasm is your entry ticket.

Not the Right Fit If…

Prone self-sabotaging your progress? Do Google and Youtube cause you to lose focus? Zac might not be the coach for you. If you’re all in, you’ll win!

Get to Know Zac

  1. He’s an escape room junkie with over 50 rooms solved
  2. Loves outdoor games like spikeball and pickleball.
  3. Has an extensive list of dining recommendations.

Ready for Next-Level Performance?

Unlock your potential by working with Zac. Contact him today and set yourself on the path to success.

Zac Cupples running on treadmill

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