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Shoulder Flexion Troubleshooting

Can’t get overhead? Let’s figure out how! If you can raise your arm fully overhead WITHOUT compensating, don’t read any further! But if you are like most of us, reaching overhead probably draws its fair share of LOLZZZ. Yet raising your arm overhead is HELLA important for things like lifting weights, moving your neck freely, and even rotation through the ribcage.  So if ya ain’t got it, you might want to work on it! That’s why I put out this debrief for you that dives into mechanics, what directions to reach and clarifies any confusion that may surround arm elevation biomechanics.  Let’s channel our inner Josh Groban and raise you up (your arm that is).

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Why I Am Expanding My Maxilla at 33 Years Old

When getting a tongue tie release isn’t enough Placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth is important for increasing upper airway space, promoting nasal breathing, and positively affecting neck dynamics. These were a few reasons why I pursued a tongue tie release surgery. Increasing my tongue range of motion would allow me to more easily attain this posture, and hopefully feel a litany of positive effects. But that’s assuming one critical piece… Is there enough room for your tongue to sit on the roof of the mouth? That, folks, was the issue I had, and why the surgery was not enough. Here were my next steps.

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