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Las Vegas Physical Therapy

Struggling with Pain or Mobility Issues?

Put an end to pain, discomfort, and movement limitations.

Our Las Vegas-based in-person physical therapy is here to pave your way to an active, pain-free life. Perfect for athletes, injury recovery, or anyone aiming to improve their movement.

Why Choose Us?

This isn’t your average physical therapy. Here’s why you should work with us:

Personalized Care: Say goodbye to cookie cutter therapy. Every session is one-on-one, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Beyond Standard Physical Therapy: We go above and beyond traditional physical therapy. Our comprehensive approach includes exercise, fitness coaching, and manual therapy. Whatever you need, we aim to help you reach your goals!

Rapid, Lasting Relief: Many clients feel significant improvements within a few sessions. If you put in the work, you’ll see great results!

What Our Physical Therapy Offers

You’ll get so much more than a basic movement session. Our physical therapy services include:

Meet Your Expert

Zac Cupples coaching a 1-arm dumbbell bench press in a gym

Zac Cupples

Seeking top-tier online guidance to move freely and comfortably? Zac Cupples is your go-to expert.

Zac’s been a physical therapist and strength coach for 11 years. He’s worked in the NBA and teaches rehab and fitness professionals worldwide. This experience will help you reach your movement goals faster than ever before!

Unlock Your Movement

Whether you’re an athlete or battling pain, Zac helps a broad range of people move better. Tired of feeling restricted? He can teach you how to unlock your mobility.

Convenient Location for Locals and Travelers

Our clinic address is:

Limitless Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy

6230 S Decatur Blvd Ste 140

Las Vegas, NV 89118

We welcome All Clients. Whether you’re a Las Vegas local or visiting, we can help. Don’t let distance stop you from reaching your movement goals.

What’s Included with Your Appointment?

Each appointment includes:

✅ Comprehensive intake process to address all health needs

✅ 1-hour in-person appointment with a personalized movement assessment to figure out your limitations

✅ Expert-level coaching to maximize your mobility gains and results

✅ 2 follow-up direct messages to ensure continued success and progression; it’s more than just a single visit

✅ Connect with other health and fitness providers for any other health and performance needs


Act Now: Limited Availability

Our waitlist is currently 1-2 months due to high demand. Secure your spot now to avoid further delays in your health journey.

Don’t Wait – Start Now

Don’t let another day pass in discomfort. Contact us now to schedule your initial appointment.

Whether you’re local or flying in, we’re here to start your transformation journey!

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