Course Notes

BMSPG 2015

The Derek Hansen Speed Seminar




DNS Summit

The Eclectic Approach to Upper Quarter Evaluation & Treatment

The Elite Speed Seminar

Explain Pain

FMS Level 2

Graded Motor Imagery

Mobilisation of the Nervous System

PRI Advanced Integration: Day 1 (Synchronous Breathing)

PRI Advanced Integration: Day 2 (Triplanar Activity)

PRI Advanced Integration: Day 3 (Thoracic-Scapula Integration)

PRI Advanced Integration: Day 4 (Curvature of the Spine)

PRI Advanced Integration and PRC Reflections

PRI Cervical Revolution

PRI Cervical Revolution REMIX

PRI Craniocervical Mandibular Restoration

PRI Craniocervical Mandibular Restoration 2.0

PRI Impingement and Instability – James Anderson

PRI Impingement and Instability – Mike Cantrell

PRI Impingement and Instability – Mike Cantrell #2

PRI Integration for Baseball

PRI Interdisciplinary Integration 2015

PRI Vision Integration for the Baseball Player

PRI Integration for the Home

PRI Integration for Yoga

PRI Myokinematic Restoration – James Anderson

PRI Myokinematic Restoration – Jen Poulin

PRI Myokinematic Restoration – Mike Cantrell

PRI Pelvis Restoration

PRI Pelvis Restoration 2.0

PRI Postural Respiration

PRI Vision Postural-Visual Integration

PRI Vision Postural-Visual Integration #2

Resilient Movement Foundations

Therapeutic Neuroscience Education