Online Mentoring

Do you struggle getting clients to buy into working on the basics?

Do you struggle getting your clients lifting without pain?

Do you struggle implementing breathing exercises into your client’s programming?

Do you struggle progressing your client’s through the basics? Would you like to speed up the process to get your clients lifting heavy weights?

Do you often wonder if you’ve selected the best intervention for your patients? Or even how to make effective clinical decisions?

We all have our struggles as coaches and clinicians. It is the struggle that helps us grow. Helps us become masters of our respective crafts.

But what could that struggle look like if you had someone right alongside you? Someone to serve as a guide?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have several mentors throughout my life help me with my professional and personal struggles. Having these connections has expedited my learning process.

If it weren’t for Bill Hartman, this site wouldn’t exist

Without mentorship, you are forced to learn by trial and error. While effective, this process is inefficient.

You want to get better now!

Mentors have an advantage. They’ve already made the mistakes. They’ve gone through the struggle. They’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. They’ve had the benefit of time; something you may not have had.

Mentors can save you from common mistakes, because they’ve already made them. You’ll have less error, more trial. Most importantly, you’ll save time.

While you are grinding away in the trenches, a good mentor can scout the area from a different perspective; providing you solutions you may not have seen otherwise.

You can get many benefits from my mentorship program in particular, including:

  • Learning how to deliver your message and get immediate buy in
  • Learning how to catch and fix movement compensations in seconds
  • Becoming a more confident coach or clinician
  • Developing an assessment process that will deliver results
  • Learning how to quickly progress your clients in the weight room without sacrificing their safety
  • Creating a service that is worth more money
  • Attracting the right kind of clients to your practice/facility
  • Becoming a referral base practice/facility
  • Speeding up the process that it takes to progress a post rehab client through the basics
  • Produce content that flows and preserves scientific principles

I’ve been fortunate to mentor many people over the years. I’ve helped people in a wide variety of areas, including:  Some of the areas we’ve had success with include:

  • Explaining movement, respiration, and mechanics
  • Working through tough clinical cases
  • Movement assessment design
  • Fitness program writing
  • Pain education
  • Neurodynamics
  • Case Studies
  • Movement
  • Exercise program design
  • Return to play
  • The learning process
  • The writing process, including editing

We all need mentors.

Here is what past mentees are saying

“The first draft of anything is s**t.”

Ernest Hemingway

Great writing requires great editing. It’s not just about grammar. I trust Zac to provide the objectivity that I need to be successful.

Zac is an outstanding writer himself, so he grasps the author’s mindset and how we get too attached to our writing. He clarifies my voice without altering content, and his suggestions and organization are consistently on point.

I can’t thank Zac enough for making All Gain, No Pain better than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to Zac, my readers benefit from the full intent of my message toward their greater success. Zac is my editor.

Bill Hartman, owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training
Iordan Krouchev

As someone who wants to learn everything to do with human adaptability, resilience and performance I unfortunately spread myself quite thin coming out of my physio degree trying to be at every course and conference imaginable and read everything under the sun. Seeing in Zac someone who had similar views and interests I reached out to him to help me understand concepts on a deeper level.

His understanding of the complexity of emergent outputs (see Cynefin) and interaction of different systems helped me add to my training and treatment philosophy and contributed greatly to my clinical practice. Through a better understanding of where different interventions fit and how to better individualize them and communicate with my patients I saw a significant improvement in my interventions. Probably most importantly, discussing specific cases helped me improve my clinical reasoning as well as my effectiveness with complex cases that I doubtfully could’ve helped previously.

Iordan Krouchev, physiotherapist, Corexcellence

Introducing the health and fitness mentorship

Now if you are wondering what the structure is like of these mentorship programs, here’s how a typical program would look, with built-in flexibility to fit your needs:

I want to structure things in such a way that you derive the most benefit, fits your learning style, is reasonable from a schedule standpoint, the most bang for your buck. Here is how I am currently structuring my mentorship sessions. Let me know your thoughts, as there is some flexibility in tailoring this to your needs.

Monthly Skype sessions of 30+ minutes

Here we will have a conversation regarding questions you have within your current area of study. You learn more effectively the more you are involved in the process, so you’ll summarize where you are currently at with a topic, and I’ll help fill in the gaps. To maximize your time, I recommend developing a running question list ahead of time so we can organize the session, stay on task, and get the most benefit out of each session.

Session Debrief

After the session, I’ll write a summary email of the major points, provide action steps for your learning, and give you relevant resources to review until our next session. In many cases, you will have an assignment to complete before the next session.

Mentorship Details

  • 1 x 60-minute video call with Zac to identify knowledge gaps, review cases and biomechanics, and challenge your preconceived notions of human movement to enhance client outcomes
  • Action plan and post-session homework to solidify learning and troubleshoot challenging cases
  • Cost – $500 $350/call

Is the mentorship program is right for you?

Are you wondering if I’m the right person to help you? Let me know how I can best help you by filling out the form below. No commitment, no pressure, just a discussion about you!

To ensure I continue to give you a high-quality effort and experience, please give me 2 business days to respond to your email. I generally check email on my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is on the pacific timezone in the US.