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Elevate Your Client and Patient Results

Facing clients with pain everywhere or mobility that just won’t improve?

If learning biomechanics feels like a dense jungle, you’re in the right spot.

My mentorship is the guide you need to navigate these challenges and more. Expect to see your clients’ results soar and your business grow!

Why Zac’s Mentorship?

When you work directly with me, you waste no time. You learn things that impact your patients and clients.

You’ll get:

  • Customized Learning: I craft each session around your specific needs. No more cookie-cutter advice; get solutions that fit your cases.
  • Real-Time Problem Solving: Stuck with a tough case? Let’s break it down together, finding hands-on solutions and fresh perspectives.
  • Accelerated Growth: Learn from someone who’s been there. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.
  • Confident decision-making: Say goodbye to second-guessing. Learn to identify and avoid common pitfalls, ensuring optimal outcomes for your clients.
  • Complex topics made simple: No condescending or gatekeeping. You’ll leave with answers and action steps. I’m here to help you win!
  • Your clients will buy in: No more begging people to do their exercises. I’ll share strategies to get client buy-in. Help them succeed!

Mentorship Structure

Here is what past mentees are saying:

“The first draft of anything is s**t.”

Ernest Hemingway

Great writing requires great editing. It’s not just about grammar. I trust Zac to provide the objectivity that I need to be successful.

Zac is an outstanding writer himself, so he grasps the author’s mindset and how we get too attached to our writing. He clarifies my voice without altering content, and his suggestions and organization are consistently on point.

I can’t thank Zac enough for making All Gain, No Pain better than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to Zac, my readers benefit from the full intent of my message toward their greater success. Zac is my editor.

Bill Hartman, owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training
Iordan Krouchev

As someone who wants to learn everything to do with human adaptability, resilience and performance I unfortunately spread myself quite thin coming out of my physio degree trying to be at every course and conference imaginable and read everything under the sun. Seeing in Zac someone who had similar views and interests I reached out to him to help me understand concepts on a deeper level.

His understanding of the complexity of emergent outputs (see Cynefin) and interaction of different systems helped me add to my training and treatment philosophy and contributed greatly to my clinical practice. Through a better understanding of where different interventions fit and how to better individualize them and communicate with my patients I saw a significant improvement in my interventions. Probably most importantly, discussing specific cases helped me improve my clinical reasoning as well as my effectiveness with complex cases that I doubtfully could’ve helped previously.

Iordan Krouchev, physiotherapist, Corexcellence

Limited Enrollment – Personalized Attention

I’m committed to providing individualized mentorship, so there are only a few spaces. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fast-track your professional development.

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