Online Movement Consultation

Need a world class movement expert help guide you through an assessment with your most difficult client?

Need a world class performance coach help guide you through an assessment with your athletes that need to reach their full potential?

Feel tight? Restricted? Uncomfortable? Or maybe just not moving the way you want to?

These are among many reasons why people have sought my help. Traveling as far as Australia, Canada, a few states across, or right next door.

But maybe traveling to work with me isn’t possible.

Don’t. Let’s work together from the comfort of your home.

Or if you are a trainer, like my man Dave Rascoe as seen above, let’s work together to help your people move better.

My online movement consultation is the next best thing. Here we will look at your entire body’s movement capabilities, and we will devise strategies to enhance your ability to move. You’ll get direct coaching from me, and often see results right away!

Here is what my clients are saying

Over the course of one year, I developed severe upper back, lower back, and  right shoulder pain.  It was Unresponsive to traditional measures such as pain medications or topical agents.   The pain was significantly affecting my quality-of-life.  I was cranky and miserable around my family.  I even thought about possibly even giving up my career ( which took over 10  years of education to achieve)  because it is very computer intensive and the keyboarding/mouse work  was nearly unbearable.  I would become depressed just looking at my workstation.

In short, I was a miserable total mess.  Initially, I went to physical therapists  closer to my home, performing an extensive amount of rehabilitation exercises which took up one or two hours each day.  It was so frustrating because I was diligently performing the exercises, yet I was not getting better, in fact some symptoms were getting worse.

Through extensive online research and the all important Dr. Google, I discovered Zac  and scheduled an online consultation.  He performed a detailed evaluation, looking at my entire body ( something no one else had done) and movement mechanisms.  He Prescribed two exercises, much simpler schedule than previous regimens.  Within about 10 days, I began feeling so much better.  My back began to open up and my shoulder felt much better.

Now, after three sessions, I am able to work at my workstation completely pain-free, something I’ve been unable to achieve in one year. I’m getting a lot stronger physically and mentally.  On another note, I feel like I’m a much better mother And wife now as well, the pain took up such a large amount of my energy.

Thank you Zac for helping me get my life back on track!

-Valerie R, Houston, TX

Online Movement Consult Details

  • 1 x 60-minute movement assessment to determine movement limitations and inform exercise selection to increase mobility and comfort
  • Coach through exercises specifically tailored to your needs, helping improve mobility at break-neck speed
  • Post-session summary to outline plan, recap exercises, and provide other recommendations to maximize outcomes
  • 2x email follow-ups to ensure movement gains continue between appointments
  • Cost – $500 $350/live session

Have questions if a consult is right for you?

Are you wondering if I’m the right person to help you? Let me know your situation by filling out the form below. No commitment, no pressure, just a discussion about you!

To ensure I continue to give you a high-quality effort and experience, please give me 2 business days to respond to your email. I generally check email on my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is on the pacific timezone in the US.