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Let’s work together!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help a lot of great people achieve their goals.

We’ve worked on…

  • Understanding treatment concepts
  • Assessment design for a new business
  • Athletic performance
  • Better movement
  • Patient cases
  • Look better

I want to be able to say the same about you.

There are several ways we can work together to meet your needs.


Do you struggle getting clients to buy into working on the basics?

Do you struggle getting your clients lifting without pain?

Do you struggle implementing breathing exercises into your client’s programming?

Do you struggle progressing your client’s through the basics? Would you like to speed up the process to get your clients lifting heavy weights?

Do you often wonder if you’ve selected the best intervention for your patients? Or even how to make effective clinical decisions?

We all have our struggles as coaches and clinicians. It is the struggle that helps us grow. Helps us become masters of our respective crafts.

But what could that struggle look like if you had someone right alongside you? Someone to serve as a guide?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have several mentors throughout my life help me with my professional and personal struggles. Having these connections has expedited my learning process.

If it weren’t for Bill Hartman, this site wouldn’t exist.

Without mentorship, you are forced to learn by trial and error. While effective, this process is inefficient.

You want to get better now!

Mentors have an advantage. They’ve already made the mistakes. They’ve gone through the struggle. They’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. They’ve had the benefit of time; something you may not have had.

Mentors can save you from common mistakes, because they’ve already made them. You’ll have less error, more trial. Most importantly, you’ll save time.

While you are grinding away in the trenches, a good mentor can scout the area from a different perspective; providing you solutions you may not have seen otherwise.

You can get many benefits from my mentorship program in particular, including:

  • Learning how to deliver your message and get immediate buy in
  • Learning how to catch and fix movement compensations in seconds
  • Becoming a more confident coach or clinician
  • Developing an assessment process that will deliver results
  • Learning how to quickly progress your clients in the weight room without sacrificing their safety
  • Creating a service that is worth more money
  • Attracting the right kind of clients to your practice/facility
  • Becoming a referral base practice/facility
  • Speeding up the process that it takes to progress a post rehab client through the basics
  • Produce content that flows and preserves scientific principles

I’ve been fortunate to mentor many people over the years. Some of the areas we’ve had success with include:

  • Explaining movement, respiration, and mechanics
  • Working through tough clinical cases
  • Movement assessment design
  • Fitness program writing
  • Pain education
  • Neurodynamics
  • Case Studies
  • Movement
  • Exercise program design
  • Return to play
  • The learning process
  • The writing process, including editing

We all need mentors.

Here is what past mentees are saying

“The first draft of anything is s**t.” – Ernest Hemingway

Great writing requires great editing. It’s not just about grammar. I trust Zac to provide the objectivity that I need to be successful.

Zac is an outstanding writer himself, so he grasps the author’s mindset and how we get too attached to our writing. He clarifies my voice without altering content, and his suggestions and organization are consistently on point.

I can’t thank Zac enough for making All Gain, No Pain better than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to Zac, my readers benefit from the full intent of my message toward their greater success. Zac is my editor.

-Bill Hartman, owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

As someone who wants to learn everything to do with human adaptability, resilience and performance I unfortunately spread myself quite thin coming out of my physio degree trying to be at every course and conference imaginable and read everything under the sun. Seeing in Zac someone who had similar views and interests I reached out to him to help me understand concepts on a deeper level.

His understanding of the complexity of emergent outputs (see Cynefin) and interaction of different systems helped me add to my training and treatment philosophy and contributed greatly to my clinical practice. Through a better understanding of where different interventions fit and how to better individualize them and communicate with my patients I saw a significant improvement in my interventions. Probably most importantly, discussing specific cases helped me improve my clinical reasoning as well as my effectiveness with complex cases that I doubtfully could’ve helped previously.

– Iordan Krouchev, physiotherapist, Corexcellence

Now if you are wondering what the structure is like of these mentorship programs, here’s how a typical program would look, with built-in flexibility to fit your needs:

I want to structure things in such a way that you derive the most benefit, fits your learning style, is reasonable from a schedule standpoint, the most bang for your buck. Here is how I am currently structuring my mentorship sessions. Let me know your thoughts, as there is some flexibility in tailoring this to your needs.
  • Monthly 60-minute live Zoom sessions

Here we will have a conversation regarding questions you have within your current area of study. You learn more effectively the more you are involved in the process, so you’ll summarize where you are currently at with a topic, and I’ll help fill in the gaps. To maximize your time, I recommend developing a running question list ahead of time so we can organize the session, stay on task, and get the most benefit out of each session.

  • Session Debrief

After the session, I’ll write a summary email of the major points, provide action steps for your learning, and give you relevant resources to review until our next session. In many cases, you will have an assignment to complete before the next session.

  • FREE Post-session Debrief
  • Detailed email conversation regarding between-call homework included

If this sounds like a great learning experience for you, fill out the form below and we will get started on your journey.

COST: $500 $350 per call

Movement Consultations

Need a world class movement expert help guide you through an assessment with your most difficult client?

Need a world class performance coach help guide you through an assessment with your athletes that need to reach their full potential?

Feel tight? Restricted? Uncomfortable? Or maybe just not moving the way you want to?

These are among many reasons why people have sought my help. Traveling as far as Australia, Canada, a few states across, or right next door.

But maybe traveling to work with me isn’t possible.

Don’t. Let’s work together from the comfort of your home.

Me working with clients at Enhancing Life courtesy of Lucy Hendricks and Dave Wilton

My online movement consultation is the next best thing. Here we will look at your entire body’s movement capabilities, and we will devise strategies to enhance your ability to move. You’ll get direct coaching from me, and often see results right away!

Here is what my clients are saying

 Over the course of one year, I developed severe upper back, lower back, and  right shoulder pain.  It was Unresponsive to traditional measures such as pain medications or topical agents.   The pain was significantly affecting my quality-of-life.  I was cranky and miserable around my family.  I even thought about possibly even giving up my career ( which took over 10  years of education to achieve)  because it is very computer intensive and the keyboarding/mouse work  was nearly unbearable.  I would become depressed just looking at my workstation.

In short, I was a miserable total mess.  Initially, I went to physical therapists  closer to my home, performing an extensive amount of rehabilitation exercises which took up one or two hours each day.  It was so frustrating because I was diligently performing the exercises, yet I was not getting better, in fact some symptoms were getting worse.

Through extensive online research and the all important Dr. Google, I discovered Zac  and scheduled an online consultation.  He performed a detailed evaluation, looking at my entire body ( something no one else had done) and movement mechanisms.  He Prescribed two exercises, much simpler schedule than previous regimens.  Within about 10 days, I began feeling so much better.  My back began to open up and my shoulder felt much better.

Now, after three sessions, I am able to work at my workstation completely pain-free, something I’ve been unable to achieve in one year. I’m getting a lot stronger physically and mentally.  On another note, I feel like I’m a much better mother And wife now as well, the pain took up such a large amount of my energy.

Thank you Zac for helping me get my life back on track!

-Valerie R, Houston, TX

We all want to move and feel better. If you think I could be of help to you, fill out the form below and we will start your movement journey.
  • FREE Post-session Debrief
  • FREE email form check ins and follow-ups between sessions

COST: $500 $350 per call

Online Performance and Fitness Training

How would your life be different if you looked better? Performed better? Felt better?

Life changes for us when we have the body we’ve always wanted. When we jumped higher than ever, and when we’re finally able to walk around the grocery store unlabored.

These are all things that my training programs have helped clients do. Clients who have been in the NBA, D-league, or just regular people like you and I.

I’m now offering my training knowledge to you.

Online training starts with a conversation. We will talk about your goals, successes, struggles, and what changes are feasible for you to make.

Once we’ve had our initial conversation, we will perform an online movement assessment so I can best tailor your program to you.

From there, I’ll write a program that meets your needs and goals. To make sure you get the most out of your program, I’ll send you videos on how to perform each exercise, and we will have a weekly debrief on how the program is going. I’ll also provide you areas of focus—nutrition, sleep, stress management—to further enhance your progress.

You’ll have all the support you’ll need to be successful. The rest is up to you!

Here is what my clients are saying

Working with Zac was very helpful for me. I broke my foot halfway through the year so I spent a lot of time with him. He helped me stay in shape even when I wasn’t able to do all of the exercises because of my broken foot.

– Matt Costello, professional basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs

Zac was asked to train the entire team in the weightroom, manage pregame and recovery meals/snacks, give individual attention for injury prevention/rehabilitation, and ask each individual how their bodies felt and how much they slept that night. Zac went above and beyond on each of those tasks, and he put everyone of us in priority over him.

He was willing to work at any time. He was always enthusiastic about improving the team everyday as well as himself. Zac improved my athleticism dramatically.

Before working with Zac I was guarding the opposing team’s worst guard offensively at the collegiate level, after rehabilitating with Zac for 2 months I was guarding the opposing team’s best offensive player at the professional level. Zac helped my career for years to come, and I know he looks to continue his growth more than that. On all road trips I witnessed Zac studying textbooks and taking notes. He is relentless in pursuing excellence.

Zac is the total package.

– Kellen Dunham, Professional basketball player, Iowa Wolves

Matt Gatens

I had a great experience working with Zac in the weight room . He made the workouts challenging and enjoyable while introducing many ahead of the game techniques. He constantly studies what he teaches and continues to grow as a coach. In the physical therapy room he challenged me post surgery to work on the muscles necessary to get back as quick as possible. He showed me movements and drills I had never seen before. I always looked forward to working with and learning from Zac during our sessions.

– Matt Gatens, former professional basketball player.

Zac is a wonderful personal trainer who not only helped me actualize my own personal health goals, but made the process fun and rewarding.
He took time to learn about my past training experiences and made adjustments along the way to determine the best program to achieve my personal goals–which in turn helped me to see the change I wanted.
Zac’s knowledge as a physical therapist provided tremendous value as I was able to learn proper technique for each movement to maximum benefit and minimize potential for injury.
Most importantly, he has a great attitude and matches the sessions to your mood on any given day. I am happy that I had the chance to work with him. Thank you Zac!
-Chantal H. Memphis, TN


Option 1 – Zac assessment, guidance, and monthly video follow-up

  • Initial assessment with Zac to assess movement needs, coach specific movements to help reach movement goals, and aid in program design.
  • Personalized 6-week program blocks based on assessment findings to help you reach your goals in the most specific manner possible.
  • 2 times per week remote check-in to ensure correct technique and maximal program results*
  • 1 x 60-minute video call with Zac per month to update program, coach on specific exercises to improve results, and troubleshoot through bottlenecks that may be limiting your progress
  • Cost – $1000 $750/month

Option 2 – Zac evaluation and guidance

  • Initial assessment with Zac to assess movement needs, coach specific movements to help reach movement goals, and aid in program design.
  • Personalized 6-week program blocks based on assessment findings to help you reach your goals in the most specific manner possible.
  • 2 times per week remote check-in to ensure correct technique and maximal program results*
  • Cost – $750 $500/month

Option 3 – Evaluation and programming by Zac’s hand-picked staff

  • Initial assessment to assess movement needs, coach specific movements to help reach movement goals, and aid in program design.
  • Personalized 6-week program blocks based on assessment findings to help you reach your goals in the most specific manner possible.
  • 2 times per week remote check-in to ensure correct technique and maximal program results*
  • 1 x 30-minute video call per month to update the program, coach on specific exercises to improve results, and troubleshoot through bottlenecks that may be limiting your progress.
  • Cost – $500 $350/month

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Fill out the form below so we can make your goals become a reality.

To ensure I continue to give you a high-quality effort and experience, please give me 2 business days to respond to your email. I generally check email on my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is on the pacific timezone in the US.