Squat and Deadlift Details

Have you wondered if…
– Buttwinking is safe or will it break you?
– There’s a way to build squat depth in someone with SUPER STIFF hips?
– Mixed grip deadlifting can create changes within the body?

Then check this post out!!!

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What is the Best Posture?

Ever argue with someone about good posture?  Are you ready to tell them it’s all bullshit? We are meant to move, so the best posture is one that is constantly changing.  In fact, research shows movement variability, the changes we unconsciously make within movements, is a marker of health and reduced injury. How beefed up would your posture knowledge be if you knew… What “good” posture actually is? Can you really be “stuck in extension?” What “stacking” is and why it’s essential to movement? What are the best cues to change someone’s posture? Well those are just a few of the many things you’ll learn in today’s video interview I did on Phillipe Gervais’ Youtube channel. It’s time to finally silence those posture junkies. Time to have that difficult conversation with your mom (cue childhood trauma of mom telling me to sit up straight). Time to take your movement knowledge to the next level! Watch the video below and prepare to deep dive! Photo credit: Steve Leggat

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The Foot Explained

Biomechanics, compensation, and treatment of the foot Movement Debrief Episode 119 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me. Here is the setlist: What is the relative foot position during inhalation and exhalation? What strategies can be used to improve pronation and supination limitations? How can I improve dynamics in a flat foot? How does the foot move during a squat? How do bunions form?

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