Stacking and Increasing Adherence

So you know this breathing this is helpful, but it’s SO DAMN HARD to get clients to buy in and put in the work.

People gon’ people you know?

How can you improve client adherence so they can maximize the benefits of stacking, breathing, and so much more?

Most of my supreme clientele are fairly consistent with doing their stuff. What I’ve found to be effective is:

  • Relating to their goals
  • Providing the minimal effective dose
  • Producing results

If you struggle building adherence, this was one of the MANY topics I discussed recently on the Josh Saunders podcast.

You’ll learn how to build adherence, why squatting and stacking is important, and so much more!

Click the link below to learn more.

EP.13 Pancake Stacks and Adherence – Zac Cupples (HPU /Josh Saunders Podcast)