Assessing Compensatory Strategies

A deep dive into the practical application of respiratory mechanics

When you deep dive into the biomechanics, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds.

You are trying to figure out how the scapula moves just so, or what is the big toe doing during this part of the squat…yikes!

While greater biomechanical understanding is necessary, it’s not the most important piece.

You can never lose sight of how to help your clients. That is the highest priority. Practical application.

Which is why I think you’ll love my feature on the Upper Left Performance Podcast. It’s just enough of the details of movement compensations, with heaps of practical application!

Topics covered include:

  • What are the two common compensatory strategies people can present with?
  • How does body structure influence one’s ability to move
  • Simple assessments for determining one’s compensatory strategy
  • How to adapt one’s training to maximize movement quality

Click here or the link below to tune in!

Upper Left Performance #14 Zac Cupples 

Image by pisauikan from Pixabay