Breathing Made Easy

The starting point for learning about breathing This breathing stuff is confusing, isn’t it? You hear all of this foreign terminology, see crazy exercises, and are trying to visualize where the viscera and air is going when you are doing an exercise ahhhhhhhhh!??!! Yet you see the positive results that others get. Heck. you may even get great results just messing around with this line of thinking. You know there’s something there, but where in the hell do you even start? Maybe you’ve lost hope and don’t think you are smart enough to get it. I want to tell you that you are wrong my dear friend. Dead wrong! The problem with continuing education As educators, it’s our fault. We don’t do a great job of preparing you to learn and accept the material. We don’t help you succeed. We expect you to figure it out. That ends today. What’s missing with all of this breathing stuff is a way to grasp the fundamentals. What are the key tenets you need to learn to better learn and apply the material taught on my site and others? That’s why I’ve beefed up the Human Matrix Foundations course. In this free course, you’ll get all the fundamental anatomy, biomechanics, and more that you need to better grasp all the breathing stuff you want to learn; allowing you to get those results you so desire for your client. With this class, you’ll get the following: Become automatic with common breathing terminology and lingo

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