Manual Therapy or Exercise? How About Both!

Which is better? Manual therapy or exercise? Which would be most effective for the compensatory patterns we see? What the hell are compensatory patterns anyway?!?!

Any intervention, whether you like to put your hands on someone or exercise or anything in between, can work.

The key is developing a model to make sound decisions off of. Something that is simple, and effective.

But what if you are unsure where to start? THE BODY IS SO COMPLEX. How in the hell can you make things simpler?

If you want a simple movement model to act off of, and better apply the stuff you are already using, click the link in bio to listen to this podcast!The Pinnacle Performance Podcast Episode 28. Zac Cupples – Exercise vs Manual Interventions, Layers of Compensations in Human Patterns, The “Pathological” Shoulder & Pelvis, Vision Considerations, & Infrasternal Angle Shop Talk

Photo credit: Ian Iankovskii