Which Limitations to Treat First?

So you have all these limitations you’ve found. You may inevitably ask yourself:

Uhh…where do I start, fam!?!?

This post is a good place 🙂

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Compensatory Movement Patterns

Know different postures you will see inside and out! It seems like there are a bazillion different types of postural presentations. Is there any way to simplify the confusion? Interestingly enough, things like flat back, extreme kyphosis, and even the common compensatory pattern can be explained through the movement lens we discuss on a weekly basis. All of these postural deviations are compensations atop of compensations How bad do you want to be able to 1) identify these postural strategies and most importantly, 2) know how to best improve these compensations? If it’s bad (I’m talkin’ reaaaaaaal bad), then check out Movement debrief Episode 124.

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Belly Breathing, Cramping, and Exhales – Movement Debrief Episode 77

Movement Debrief Episode 77 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me. Here is the set list: Why is belly breathing not beneficial? What should happen during “normal” respiratory mechanics? What happens when you belly breathe? Why would certain muscles (e.g. back, hamstrings, etc) cramp during breathing activities? What are the two ways I coach exhales? When indications would lead you to choosing a specific exhalation strategy?

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