Top 10 Goodies of 2020

It can be incredibly challenging to keep up with the information overload that is the internet.

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What did the fam enjoy the most in 2021? A variety!

It seems that the fam are a well-rounded bunch, loving topics that ranged from cardio, movement, productivity, and so much more

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Without further ado, here are the top 10.

10. 6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day

During these wild pandemic times, it’s SUPER EASY to not get stuff done. Distractions are a killer, is there a way to mitigate these distractions?

Eric Barker, one of my favorite bloggers, has an awesome post that outlines ways to be more productive, especially so if you are working from home!

9. Why Your Low Intensity Work May Actually Be Hurting You

You’ve probably heard with most conditioning tactics that you need to work within certain heart rates: keep it under 150 if you want the exercise to be aerobic, use the Cooper’s test to find your anaerobic threshold, etc.

But what we don’t consider is the effects these modalities have on our peripheral tissues. What if your cardio choice was making you anaerobic AF when you don’t want to be? Those recovery days may not be true recovery days.

This post by my guy Justin Moore gives a salient example that will make you think WAY differently about your low-intensity work. By far one of the best things I’ve read all year. 

8. The Movements of the Sacro-Iliac Joint

The sacrum…it moves…a lil bit…cuz old skool science ;0)

Sure, you want to keep up with the most current evidence-based stuff, but sometimes you just have to revisit the classics to really learn something.

And this 1955 paper is for sure a classic.

It was a really cool study where they measured SI joint movements during various body positions. This paper is important because it can inform us of exercise design depending on what SI joint orientations we desire. Check it out! 

7. The Spinal Engine

This book will make take you what you thought you knew about the spine and flip it completely upside down. 

If you are someone who thinks that the spine shouldn’t move as we move, think flexion is bad when you are lifting, or hasn’t an idea about how the spine moves during gait, this book is a must-read. 

The pictures that outline the shape change of the body during intra-abdominal pressure changes are worth the price of admission. 

6. Oura Partners with UCSF to Determine if Its Smart Ring Can Help Detect COVID-19 Early

If you track it then you should’ve put a ring on it!

Early in the pandemic, I got an email from Oura that asked me to be in a study to see if my favorite wearable could predict when people would get COVID.

The study concluded this past November, and the results are in folks: Yes, yes it can.

Now I’m scared every time my temperature is up though LOL. 

5. The 5 Pillars of Health – Movement, Sleep, Nutrition, Stress-Management, and Human Connection

We know that you need to have your health fundamentals mastered, but what exactly are those fundamentals? What are the basics you need to beef up your health game in movement, nutrition, sleep, and more?

These handouts by my dude Ryan Maron are quite helpful at outlining what you should focus on. It’s a great handout to give to clients, and you can work on ticking off one small behavior at a time to get profound results. 

4. The Resource Road Map 3.0 

If you are struggling to decide where to focus your learning efforts, the resource road map is one of the best things out there to help you out.

What Michelle “Coach Bo” Boland has put together is the top resources vetted by several professionals in the game to let you know what the best of the best is in our field. Get ready for your 2021 learning gainzzz. 

3. The 4 Ds of Pressure Therapy

Can we truly justify foam rolling? Maybe under a different context, yes!

This post by my guy Chris Leib flips the way we think about manual contact. It’s a must-read!

2. Try This If Your Hips Shift During Your Squat

Your squat is all shifted up, what should you do about it? 

Check out this post I did for my in-person spot, Elevate Sports Performance and Healthcare. It provides simple movements you can do that will improve your hip shift in a jiff. 

1. HELP! My Hip Flexors are Tight!

Nope. Not gon do it! (photo credit: Shar Ka)

Should you stretch those tight hip flexors?

Uhhh, FALSE. 

Instead, check out this post I put up which outlines a better way to get your hip flexors all types of loosy goosy. You’ll dig it!

Which goodies did you find useful? Comment below and let the fam know!


  1. Shirley Sahrmanns Movement System Impairments textbooks. They’ve made a huge difference in how i evaluate movement.

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