Top 10 Posts of 2020

At the end of each year, I like to see what you beautiful…sexy…outstanding people liked.

What the fam….recognized (fam).

This year there was a HUGE emphasis on all things upper airway and infrasternal angle, two fundamental components of implementing breathwork into your movement practice.

Maximizing the lower ribcage dynamics is an important starting point when improving your movement options.

But what if you can’t breathe adequately through your nose? Don’t worry fam, there are some posts that cover what to do with that. 

If you want to learn more, then definitely check out this year’s top 10.

I know that 2020 was an interesting year, to say the least, I hope that the little bit of content I put out eased the burden in some way for you. Wishing you the best in 2021.

10. Breathing: Biomechanics, Exercise, and Education

It’s so much more than just breathing any old way.

Have you ever gotten into a discussion with someone skeptical of why you are breathing during all these exercises? 

While these talks may feel like a waste of time, it’s important AF to know WHY you are incorporating breathing into your training.

This post will teach you the major concepts that make breathwork so damn useful. 

9. Why I Had Tongue Tie Surgery at 32 Years Old

Loosest tongue in the industry…uh wait

I’ve always slept a lot, but as I grew older I noticed my sleep quality just wasn’t what it was.

Even though I had my nose roter-rootered, I breathed loudly as hell through my nose. Something was up.

I started to dig deeper into ways I could get my sleep and movement on point, and getting my tongue tie released was one of those pieces. 

The changes were subtle over the year, but this procedure can be an important componenent in maximizing upper airway dynamics.

8. All About the Scapula – Movement Debrief Episode 109

the scapula is definitely something I am all about! (Image by Anders Pearson)

The scapulae with all there degrees of freedom can be a confusing bunch. What the heck position are they in, where do I have to put air to get them all mobile, EGADS!

This post dives deep into the scaps, and should hopefully reduce any confusing components surrounding them. 

7. All About the Ribcage

Ribcage. It’s a big deal, fam! (Image by  Nicolas Raymond)

You might be wondering:

  • How can I tell where the ribcage is restricted?
  • What are the best ways to increase ribcage dynamics in a particular area?
  • Where I got that dope ribcage picture?

If this sounds like you, then you DEFINITELY have to check this post out, as we dive into great detail of the many whys and hows of improving ribcage dynamics. 

6. The Essential Gym Equipment

10 bands. 20 bands!

The right equipment can make or break your movement and fitness gainzz, especially so if you’ve been beefing up that home gym of yours.

This post dives into some of my favorite pieces of equipment. Perfect way to start 2021!

5. The Guide to Remote Coaching – Movement Debrief Episode 113

The post we needed for 2020

COVID made Zoom the new normal. But as you may have learned, coaching remotely is a whole different animal.

But ya boi has been as remote as Yoda chillin’ in Dagobah for some time now. In this post, I outline the best ways to assess remotely, how to maximize your coaching efforts, and to build the remote business. 

4. Hip Rotation Explained – Movement Debrief Episode 111

Probably one of the best fine-tuning measures you can do with your peeps.

Hip rotation is often misunderstood, but can provide TONS of insight in terms of what is going on with the pelvis of your supreme clientele.

So lemme ‘splain it through this debrief. If you ever wondered why that client of yours has SO MUCH MOTION, then this will help you out!

3. Infrasternal Angle Treatment 101

If you are wondering where to start improving movement options, it’s here

You’ve measured the ISA, you are feeling juiced up, but may be wondering “uhh, now what?!?!”

Or maybe you are someone who tries very complicated exercises and fails miserably. Now you think that breathing stuff is BS. What else is there?

What I’ve found most people gloss over is the basics. The fundamentals.

This post will give you the fundamental concepts needed to maximize movement options, and will make your coaching job WAY EASIER!

2. Infrasternal Angle Compensations and Treatments


The cool thing about the infrasternal angle is that there are predictable (and less predictable) limitations that a particular archetype can exhibit. This is cool because your exercise selection can be streamlined as all hell, helping your clients move like a bunch of legends!

In this post, you’ll learn what those compensations are, and how to choose effective exercises to get your clients moving and grooving like never before!

1. Introduction to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Course Review

Who knew my tongue would be so popular?!?!? Okay I’ll stop LOLZ

One of the best courses I took in 2019 was AOMT’s myofunctional therapy course. It reshaped how I look at any restriction neck and above, and has been a gamechanger at improving cervical measures and sleep quality.

If you want to get the basics of all things upper airway, check this post, then take their courses. Some of the best information I’ve come across in a minute!