Top 10 Posts of 2019

At the end of each year, I like to see what you beautiful…sexy…outstanding people liked. What the fam….recognized (fam).

This year, I really loved the topical variety and that the fam really wanted to hear from other people. Having Zac be a bit more like DJ Khaled if you know what I’m sizzlin’. 

If you want to check out more about belly breathing, becoming a better leader, and the importance of a warm-up, then definitely check out this year’s top 10.

Thank you again for making 2019 amazing! I hope to bring you even bigger and better stuff in 2020.

10. Belly Breathing, Cramping, and Exhales – Movement Debrief Episode 77

Sometimes all three!

Belly breathing seems old school, but why is it no Bueno? In this debrief, we give you why I don’t coach belly breathing, and what to do instead.

You’ll also get tips on why cramping can occur during resets, and how to troubleshoot making resets comfortable and effective.

Lastly, coaching the exhale effectively? How do you do that? Stay tuned 😉 

9. Shoulder Limitations, Breathing Starting Positions, and a Trainer’s Role in Persistent Pain – Movement Debrief Episode 83

I’m tired boss!

In this post, we discuss improving common shoulder presentations, coaching basic breathing mechanics, and why I think coaches should be involved in helping those with persistent pain. 

Let’s change the industry together!

8. Ankle Pinching, Prioritizing Ribs or Spine, and Deviated Septum – Movement Debrief Episode 78


With this post, we discuss eradicating ankle pinching during common exercises. Rarely is the problem at the ankle.

Do you need thoracic extension? What’s the best way to improve this range? You’ll get the answer.

Lastly, I outline my journey on getting the deviated septum repair, and if it was effective. Could it be effective for you? Check it out to learn more. 

7. Infrasternal Angle Updates, Flexion Intolerance, and Calves – Movement Debrief Episode 80

ISA gets a lot of love!

You’ll notice infrasternal angles are pretty important to measure. This post has the most up-to-date material on the topic. You’ll also learn how to navigate flexion intolerance, and how to up them calf gainzzz into your training. 

6. Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Shoewear, and Quick Assessments – Movement Debrief 75

Upgrade your shoe game after today!

Iliotibial band syndrome rarely if ever involves the IT band. Here, we discuss up-to-date treatments for pain along this area, how to up your shoe choosing game, and how to quickly assess movement capabilities. 

5. Becoming an Effective and Efficient Leader – Kyle Dobbs

If you want to learn how to build the culture, this is your guy!

This was an incredible interview in which Kyle Dobbs and I discuss how to use personality testing to better interact with clients and employees, system building to improve your work efficiency if the to-do list is worthwhile, and so much more. I hope to do more interviews like this in the future.

4. Suck Now, Be Better Later – 3 Ways to Improve Your Coaching

Embrace the suck, fam!

The fastest way to developing any skill involves failing fast, safely, and often. Lucy Hendricks outlines how to use failure to make yourself a better coach. And if anyone is qualified at teaching you how to pick up skills quickly, it’s her. 

3. Seth Oberst’s Stress, Pain, and Movement Course Review

Though it’s stressful to learn about this stuff!

Everyone has been impacted by traumatic experiences in their lives. How can we help people deal with the physical responses that can severely impact people’s lives post-trauma? 

That’s where Seth Oberst’s material shines. This course is filled with excellent neuroscience and many practical methods at helping those with trauma (aka everyone). This is a must-take seminar. 

2. Human Matrix Foundations

It’s coming your way!

With any seminar, you can only cover so much material, and having a better understanding of foundational concepts can only enhance the learning experience. 

That’s where my pre-course material comes in. Here, we go into normal respiratory mechanics and some essential biomechanics to better apply the material taught in my seminar. 

Think you know the material? Testing is incorporated to help your learning.

Take the course, then sign up for my seminar here. Below are the dates I have for 2020.

January 25th-26th, Scotts Valley, CA (early bird ends January 3rd)

April 4th-5th, 2020, Atlanta, GA (early bird ends March 6th at 11:55pm)

May 23rd-24th, 2020, Dickinson College in Carlisle PA  (Early bird ends April 26th at 11:55pm!) [Approved for 14 Category A CEUs for athletic trainers]

June 6th-7th, 2020, Minneapolis, MN (Early bird ends May 3rd at 11:55pm!)

August 1st-2nd, Boston, MA (Early bird ends July 5th at 11:55pm!)

September 12th-13th,  Montreal, Canada (Early bird ends August 16th at 11:55pm!)

October 3rd-4th, Ann Arbor, MI (Early bird ends September 6th at 11:55pm!)

November 7th-8th, Charlotte, NC (Early bird ends October 11th at 11:55pm!)

1. Why Are You Spending Time on a Warmup?

Coach Bo FTW

Michelle “Coach Bo” Boland has been crushing the guest posts for me over the last couple of years, and she rightfully took the top spot with her magnum opus on all things warm-up.

In this post, she outlines what a warm-up is, the three preparatory components, and provides a ton of practical points towards warm-up design. This post is a must-read. 

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay