Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Shoewear, and Quick Assessments – Movement Debrief 75

Movement Debrief Episode 75 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me.

Here is the set list:

  • What is IT band syndrome?
  • What factors must we consider for treatment of IT band syndrome?
  • What keys do I look for in a good shoe?
  • What in my assessment would lead me to selecting certain shoes?
  • Does shoewear matter for different contexts such as walking or sport?
  • When short on time, what 3 key assessment pieces do I use to make decisions?
  • What assessments would you use in larger group sessions?

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and the audio version…  


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Iliotibial Band Impingement Syndrome: An Evidence-Informed Clinical Paradigm Change

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Below has been my go-to squatting variation in the clinic

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IT Band Syndrome


Quick Assessments


  1. Zac great stuff. Are you saying that a stiff heel counter is most important with those that have decreased control of inversion/eversion and the heel counter provides feedback? Something I have been experimenting with is using 2 point discrimination to give feedback to the brain. I am not selling or advertising for anyone just sharing my experience so don’t post if you feel that is the case. Check out Naboso Technology founder Emily Splical is a functional podiatrist, the product applies 30-40 years of reproducible research.

    1. Interesting. Haven’t played 2PD, but it makes sense to me. A shoe can use that as a reinforcement, but certain it could be gotten other ways. I’ll have to try that.


  2. Hey Big-Z,

    any chance you could link to a description or video of the standing propulsion test? Couldn’t find it through google, youtube or Bill’s site.


    1. Hey Phil,

      Will work on doing the video at some point, but basically it’s single leg stance.


  3. Hey bro, nice job on #75. With those people who have a stiff or fused 1st MTP, would those funny rocker shoes work well for them? or is that sort of what Hokas are? Chur

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