Top 10 Posts of 2018

At the end of each year, I like to see what you beautiful…sexy…outstanding people liked. What the fam….recognized (fam).

This year, it seems like errbody was loving all of the movement-based work that was discussed. You want practical application as a coach or clinician, you got it!

I also loved how all the guest posts I had this year made the top 10. There were some rock solid contributions from my fellow colleagues. Guess I’m going to need more album features if you know what I’m sizzlin’.

I want to thank you, the fam, for making 2018 an outstanding year. It has been all the comments, questions, stories, and praise that keeps me outputting content for you.

I think we will keep doing this another year. Why not? 😉

But enough rambling. Let’s check out the top 10. First off…

10. The Reckoning: Part Deux Course Review

When two cylinders combine

This was an excellent seminar that was run by two of my favorite doctors in the game: Pat Davidson and Ben House.

The topics covered were a great variety of areas I needed more exposure in. If you want to learn how our movement limitations are evolutionary, the ins and outs of hypertrophy or fat loss, blood sugar regulation, you’ll just scratch the surface of what this course covered.

If you ever get a chance to hear Pat or Ben in person, do so. In fact, you can hear Pat, myself, and Seth Oberst in February. 

9. Why You Need Sun Exposure

There’s something to this sun thing

My man Iordan Krouchev came with the heat (ha!) on this post.  It’s by far the most comprehensive post on the importance of sun exposure that I have ever read. 

Here, you’ll learn the difference between sun burns and sun exposure, the health benefits of sun exposure, sun exposure demands based on skin type and location, and so much more. 

The point folks, is that you can’t avoid the sun anymore. Get out and get that tan, fam!

8. The Most Important Cues for the Fundamental Movements

Gotta learn the bounce pass before the behind the back if you know what i’m sizzlin’

We can all agree that there is a difference between a squat that looks good, and one that makes you go “uhh, wtf fam?!?!” We know it when we see it, but it’s often hard to verbalize.

I attempted to do just that by looking at the following key movements: 

  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Reach
  • Pull
  • Press
  • Accessory (aka “core”)

I define what makes each of these movements what they are, and give you a handy cue to make your clients move pretty AF. 

Give it a shot!

7. Why is There an Injury Epidemic in the NBA?

Surprise: it’s complex

We simply don’t know. That’s the crux of this post, and it was written to make those who speculate that “if athlete X did what I would want them to do, this wouldn’t have happened.” Yah ok!

Instead, let’s look at all the potential confounding factors that contribute to injuries occurring. Though I hope you are overwhelmed and humbled after you read this post, you should als be excited to see just all the areas we as movement professionals can intervene on. 

6. Costa Rica Underground S&C 2018 Retreat Review

Such an amazing experience. I am beyond excited for round 2

This was one of the most amazing experiences I had an opportunity to be a part of. Never have I seen so many wonderful people together all at once. 

Let’s not forget, the learning gainzzz were on fleek as well. 

We talked about a wide variety of topics in CR, including Pat Davidson on evolution; stress and somatics with Seth Oberst; basketball conditioning with Chris Chase; performance medicine, load management, and inflammation with Eric Oetter; the need for stress with James Cerbie; carbs, stress, and exercise with Mike T Nelson; leadership with Kyle Dobbs; and hypertrophy with Ryan L’Ecuyer.

5. Social Media Resources

Streamline social media so you don’t need to spend as much time there.

I try to spend as little time on social media as humanly possible, but let’s face it, some peeps put out incredible content on that medium. Here is a list of people I listen to whenever I’m on the socials. Get there stuff, and get out #theendofscrolling

4. Treating Back and Hip Pain with Breathing – Live Case Study

Aka hammering the fundamentals

I’m sure you all wonder if the peeps you follow on the internet do exactly what they say they do. I try to keep as much transparency as possible, and this post is an example of that.

You’ll see me perform a full evaluation, here my thought process outlined throughout, and see what happens when I run into roadblocks. Most importantly, you’ll see that I don’t always fully succeed. There is no failure though, just information. Sierra, I’m ready for round 2 on this 🙂

3. 7 Key Programming Variables

Coach Bo be on a terror

Coach Bo herself Michelle Boland dropped an incredible track on the 2018 album, outlining the key components she considers when programming for her clients. 

My favorite point was carrying over the same concepts to multiple movements. 

2. Pat Davidson’s Rethinking the Big Patterns Course Review

frontal and transverse plane be on fleek

Man, Pat just owned this site this year. The principles I garnered at Pat’s original seminar still influence how I think about movement to this day. I absolutely loved how Pat classified programming into specific categories, invariant representations, and all the neat little coaching cues made this course wonderful. 

1. Breathing Mechanics 101

Errbody wants to be a part of the exclusive fam club!

Well, I guess you folks like breathing. This was my whiteboard freestyle on all things breathing mechanics that I gave in Costa Rica. If you’d like to understand what the spine and thorax do during breathing, get your infrasternal angle game up to snuff, and more, than this talk is a must. It’s also a nice precursor to prep you for Human Matrix, where we go into even greater depth, and tons of practical application. 

Have a post on here that you loved? Or one that was missing? Comment below and tell me your favorite post of the year.