Top 10 Exercises of 2021

Exercises that’ll improve your movement and get you stronger!

If you’ve spent one second on my Youtube channel (and the new exercise channel), you’ll notice there are a boatload of exercises on there, with little guidance as to which are best.

Admittedly, some are duds, some work better than others.

But instead of relying on my own judgment to tell you what rocks and doesn’t, who better to ask than the fam?

Exercises are by far the most popular piece of my weekend goodies, which is why I’ve made a top 10 list of the most popular exercises of 2021

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Without further ado, here are the top 10.

10. Lower Body Foam Roller Roll

Rolling has been one of my most used strategies this year. It’s great for someone who is limited in many directions.

As a progression, doing a single leg roll can be immensely useful for driving a bit more rotation than easier variations.

The foam roller makes it an easy assist to move with less tension.


9. TRX Rollout

If you need something to torch the abs and create more anterior expansion, this move is a great variation.

User beware, it’s a bit advanced:


  • Decreased shoulder flexion and internal rotation
  • Limited hip extension, adduction, and internal rotation

8. Supine Hip Extension with Overhead Reach

Sometimes, fam, those with wide infrasternal angles have a hard time getting a good tuck with two legs.

The solution? use one!

Indications for this move: 

  • Decreased hip flexion, internal, and external rotation
  • Limited shoulder flexion and internal rotation
  • Wide infrasternal angle

7. Sidelying Swiss Ball Stretch

Some of these moves require a lot of focus and creating certain specific movements within your body. What if you can’t get there, but still want to feel and move mo betta?

Simple, try something passive, like this sideilying swiss ball stretch.

It’s great to improve the buckethandle action of the ribcage on either side, you’ll dig it!


  • Reduced buckethandle dynamics (for either narrow or wide)
  • Limited internal rotation and sidebending

6. Lower Body Roll

Got some external rotaiton improvements from rolling, but still got someone who is tense AF and needs them internal rotation gainzzz?

This roll is a great choice!


  • Reduced hip flexion and internal rotation
  • Limited trunk rotation
  • General multidirectional restrictions.

5. Half-Kneeling Bicep Curl

Who doesn’t want to do bicep curl, but what if you could improve movement at the same time?

That’s why I like this variation, which is great for increasing upper and lower body mobility!


4. Cross Connect Leg Lower

This exercise is great because you crush the abs and loosen up the hips. It’s a bit more advanced variation, but I really dig it!


  • Decreased hip extension and internal rotaiton
  • Limited shoulder external rotation
  • Limited trunk rotation

3. Upper Body Roll

This is probably the hardest roll that I’ve ever programmed.

Basically, you are trying to differentiate upper vs lower body, and you can’t complete the roll if you have the inability to do that.



  • Limited trunk rotation
  • Limited shoulder internal rotation
  • Increased tension everywhere, but as a later progression

2. Dead Bug Cross Connect

This move is an easier version than the other cross connect on this list, which creates a bit more of an flexion/ER bias towards it. But don’t worry, fam. You’ll still get some internal rotation out of it!


  • Decreased hip extension, flexion and internal rotaiton
  • Limited shoulder external rotation
  • Limited trunk rotation

1. Single Leg Lateral Squat

This move is absolutely brutal, and an excellent way to crush all things frontal plane. It’ll also crush yoour quads.


  • Limited sidebending
  • Reduced hip internal rotation, abduction
  • Ya legs are weak AF

Which exercise worked the best for you? Comment below and let the fam know!