Top 10 Exercises of 2021

Exercises that’ll improve your movement and get you stronger! If you’ve spent one second on my Youtube channel (and the new exercise channel), you’ll notice there are a boatload of exercises on there, with little guidance as to which are best. Admittedly, some are duds, some work better than others. But instead of relying on my own judgment to tell you what rocks and doesn’t, who better to ask than the fam? Exercises are by far the most popular piece of my weekend goodies, which is why I’ve made a top 10 list of the most popular exercises of 2021 If you want a deep dive into new moves that I’m using on the regular, then you’ll want to sign up for my newsletter. Just about every Friday, you’ll get free goodies that range from exercises, to cool articles and podcasts, and more. ALL FREE! 

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