Top 10 Goodies of 2021

What stuff on the internet was awesome!?!

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In 2021, the fam liked a variety of things. There was a ton of biomechanical bombs that were dug here, and so much more!

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Without further ado, here are the top 10.

10. Asymmetry of the pelvic ring evaluated by CT‐based 3D statistical modeling

Some folks like to palpate to determine pelvic position, but what if there are asymmetries in the ways the pelvic bones are built?

This study outlines 6 different anatomical differences pelvic asymmetry, which also demonstrates that we are asymmetrical people.

9. Biotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life

This picture may actually make sense after the 6th read of this book (Photo credit: Bob Burkhardt)

I’ve been making my way through this book, and it’s a brutal but thought-provoking read. Brutal in the sense that it’s difficult to grasp the concept and has some math difficulties, thought-provoking in the sense that it’s a vastly different way of approaching movement.

If you want to think more about how our body changes shapes vs pull on levers, this is the book for you.

It’ll make you rethink all that you knew about biomechanics.

8. Supine Cross Connect – Breakdown, Cues, and Execution

There’s a lot going on here!

As you may or may not know, Bill Hartman has been a major influence on me, and it’s videos like this one on an exercise I’ve used frequently.

Here, Bill deep dives on what movements are occurring, as well as the coaching keys to performing this action savagely well.

7. Introduction to Joint Biomechanics

Having a firm grasp of the way joints work can better aid your decision-making, and provide a workable model for explaining movement restrictions.

This free paper is one of the best resources I’ve come across.

6. Nasal Breathing: How Good Is Your Flow?

Just make sure you look at peace and serene as you breathe (Photo credit: pollianapoltronieri / 4 images)

People ask me all the time “how I should be breathing throughout the day?”

Folks, it’s nothing fancy, just make sure it’s through your nose. But what’s the best way to do that?

This post by my homegirl Aline Thompson illustrates what good nasal breathing is, and she provides several useful strategies on how to maximize this skill.

5. REMplenish Straw Kit

One of the most important actions to perform with your tongue is the swallow.

There are several myofunctional exercises that can help you with this, but one the limiter is getting enough reps.

That’s fixed with this straw. I love it because you MUST have a good tongue position in order to pull any water. It’s awesome!

4. Quad stretches overrated? 4 better alternatives for mobility, pain, and tight hip flexors

Your quads are tight, you should stretch them right?

Uh…No fam.

Instead, check out this comprehensive post from my G Lance Goyke. It provides rationale, assessment, and treatment for them tight quads of yours.

3. Is It Bad If Your Joints Crackle and Pop When You Move?

It seems as though people get terrified when their joints make noise, and I get it, you don’t really know why it happens. So is joint noise a bad thing?

Not really, and this post provides one of the simplest explanations as-to why joint noise isn’t so bad, and when it is actually an undesirable thing.

2. Stacking Starter Pack

I get asked all the time, “Big Z, this area (hurts, is asymmetrical, explodes), what should I do?”

While I can’t get super specific without an evaluation, most people need to get good at performing an effective stack. This action is the starting point for maximizing your movement capabilities.

The stacking starter pack is my series of moves that I use to teach this basic concept and helps get people moving mo’ betta. I think you’ll dig it!

1. Squat Wedgiez

They also make you more zen!

Squatting is so much easier and effective if you elevate the heels. So I get asked a bunch what ramps I use.

For single-leg-based moves, the squat wedgiez have been my new favorite (I was able to sneak some of the prototypes). They are sturdy, cover the entire foot, they are awesome! I think you’ll like ’em!

Which goodies did you find useful? Comment below and let the fam know!