October 2018 Links and Review

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Here were the goodies that my peeps got their learn on in October.

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

Hard work does pay off, but make sure you keep working if you want to live a life of fulfillment. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way.

Health & Wellness

Reduce your travel stress with these bad boys

Ever travel and have your clothes out of your suitcase and all over the place? Stressful, right? Not for long.

Yes, suitcases for your suitcase seem bizarre, but these packing cubes are next level. These puppies will keep your clothes organized, save space so you can pack more, and so much more. Best yet? They’re liquid-proof. Definitely want to check these out.

An EBP tip on getting your sleep gainzzz

Yann Le Meur keeps making the evidence ridiculously simple, this time with a great tip on improving your sleep.

Some choose the thug life, others choose the pug life

Personal & Professional Development

Never lose an argument again

We all get into arguments, or philosophical debates, but how can you make your case watertight? This post goes over common logical fallacies that are made in most arguments. Not only will it make you more persuasive, but you’ll have a much better bullshit detector.

How to tame a mammoth

Worry too much about what others think? Then this post is a must-read. It uses a perfect analogy of how we all have a mammoth, a social survival mammoth, that impedes us from living the life we ought to pursue.

Best part? The action steps at the end, with being yourself being my favorite.

Guess they didn’t go extinct after all #jerks

Details are meaningless

If you are a person who spends an exorbitant amount of time fine tuning the last minute details of a project, or life (like me), this post by Seth Godin is for you.

The key point is not perfection, but execution. Execute enough times and consistently, and something will eventually hit bit.

Become a better leader

I’ve been a huge fan of Jocko Willink, and you know I got a copy of his new book: The Dichotomy of Leadership.

In it, Jocko and coauthor Leif Babin discuss how to walk the middle ground on several important qualities it takes to be a great leader. My favorite so far has been humble.

Stop being so sorry!

I’m guilty as hell for this, but this post outlines why apologizing when you don’t need to is totally overrated.

Instead of saying sorry, say thanks. And if you are guilty of it during emails, they even have an app that tell you to stop #awesome


It’s OK to Fail

Daddy-O Pops Bill Hartman posted something just about everyone should read.

It’s all about failure, which is essential towards building your model. My favorite part was realizing failure when you get lucky. This is something I do not do enough of.

Does the SI Joint move

Minimally, or so this study claims.

Here, they compared subjects who were asymptomatic and those who had spinal surgery (beef #1, didn’t explicitly state which procedures were performed) during various end-range sagittal plane movements.

The interesting thing was that those who had spinal surgery actually had greater SI joint mobility, but given that the procedures done were not stated, I can’t make an educated guess as to why. Was this pre-existing? Was it a contributing factor to pain? Did the surgery induce the extra motion? We simply don’t know.

What I got from this study is that we do in fact have some (albeit minimal) SI motion, it’s something that we likely cannot measure directly in the clinic, but we have to appreciate that dynamics do in fact occur here. Perhaps what is more important is the sacrum and innominate orienting back and forth as a semi-unit, more so than SI joint motion proper. Stay tuned.

Want to know everything about the infrasternal angle?

A mentee of mine, Mike Kay, put out this amazing post on all things infrasternal angle-related.

In the post, he covers mechanics, presentations, treatment, and everything you need to understand this game changing measure. Made ya boi proud #tear


Check out these beets?

Wonder if beet juice supplementation is actually legit? Well this infographic by my G Yann Le Meur gives you the down and dirty.

Big summary, if you are an endurance athlete, or just want that pump. it’s probably something to look into.

Beets by Zac


Mos Def featuring Marvin Gaye?!?!?!?!

I was about to play some tunes on youtube while answering emails, then I saw this mashup between Mos Def/Yasiin Bey and Marvin Gaye, and the sound is otherworldly.

Bascially, what DJ Amerigo Gazaway did was take old Marvin Gaye samples, and put the mighty Mos Def all over them. Wait until you hear Definition and Ms. Fat Booty. You are welcome.

I saw a Ghost

I’ve been known to dabble with some Wu-Tang, and was pretty juiced up when I saw Ghostface Killah released his Lost Tapes.

Thus far, the album has been stellar, with some amazing features from KXNG Crooked, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and more. Definitely give it a listen.