Kegels, Overhead Reaching, and Overuse vs Deconditioned – Movement Debrief Episode 104

Movement Debrief Episode 104 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me.

Here is the set list:

  • What are pelvic diaphragm mechanics during breathing?
  • How do these mechanics relate to two different types of kegel (holding in urine vs gas)
  • Is there a reason to encourage a kegel?
  • What could be the negative implications of a kegel?
  • What breathing mechanics does reaching overhead encourage?
  • What type of reaching would each infrasternal angle presentation benefit from?
  • What are some signs to differentiate an overuse injury vs tissue deconditioning?
  • How do you encourage someone with an overuse injury to proceed?
  • How do you encourage someone with tissue deconditioning to proceed?

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and the audio version:  

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Can you also relate pelvic diaphragm mechanics to the cue “pretend like you are holding in gas” and when to use that cue? If you cue ” hold in gas on the inhale does it activate pelvic floor? Shouldn’t you want pelvic floor to activate on the exhale…moving up like a piston with the thoracic diaphragm?

Overhead Reaching

Also, doesn’t incline or overhead encourage pump handle activity. If I have a wide isa with an inhaled pump handle, wouldn’t I want to avoid too much of that?

Overuse vs Deconditioned

When is it overuse (someone did too much and needs recovery) and when do you encourage a person to do more (they are deconditioned)?  

Photo credit: Annie Spratt 


  1. “By the way, is butt-cheeks spelled as one word or do I just spread them apart.” ????????????

    I appreciated your commentary on layering cues and evolving your cuing strategy as you refine your approach. Well done.

  2. Z-dog! Love the new glasses! My color was blue.
    I’m excited to see you’ll be in Minnesota! I’m looking at joining the fun 🙂

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