October 2019 Links and Review

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The Power of Journaling – Biggest Lesson of the Month

Ruminating has been one of those things I struggle with. I used to talk to myself quite a bit, and would get stuck on thoughts without any completion. It’s my favorite way to procrastinate, and at times was disastrous.

After failing to develop the habit many times, I finally started journaling consistently. It has been a game changer for me on many levels.

Though my handwriting isn’t as pretty. (Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash)

For one, it is an instant rumination kill. If I can’t get a thought out of my head, I brain dump all of my thoughts, and I finally get some clarity.

Typically, I do most of my journaling before bed. It’s a great way to reflect on the day, and has done wonders for fleshing out my thoughts on movement. If I had a success or failure with a patient, I can better problem solve through it by writing what I could’ve done differently. Any thoughts on movement mechanisms and biomechanics go in there as well.

Journaling for the past month has given me more energy (because less mind racing), more clarity in clinic, and has advanced my thoughts on movement more than ever before.

While I think you can journal free form, giving me some structure has helped. In the past, the 5 minute journal was good for me, so breaking journaling down into categories has been useful and given me more focus with my thoughts.

If you aren’t journaling, it’s definitely a practice I would strongly consider. And none of this online business, get yourself a pen and paper 😉

Health & Wellness

Evidence-Based Butt Wiping

Sure, your gut health and poo game might be on fleek, but is your wiping up to snuff? Who knew there would be evidence-based guidelines on how to do this simple activity. Prepare to have your mind blown…and master your throne 😉

Can essential oils actually help you sleep better?

Essential oils shoot off my woo-woo detector when I hear about all of their benefits, but I may have actually found a utility for them. This systematic review demonstrated that your classic essential oils–lavender, chamomile and others—may actually improve your sleep quality.

I’ve played with having some going right before and as I sleep, and I seem to be trending a bit better on my REM per Oura. Qualitatively, sleep has been a lot better. Placebo? Probably, but it ain’t gonna hurt. Here is the brand I’ve been using.

How to avoid getting sucked into the internet

Even though I’ve taken several efforts to streamline my work process, I still found my struggle was getting sucked into Youtube for WAY too long. Even if I wasn’t working, I would much rather use my free time to read or be outside.

I developed an undesirable habit, and couldn’t figure out how to change it.

That’s when I decided to get Freedom. This app allows you to selectively block sites either for certain durations or particular times of the day. I’ve found by using this app that I’ve both been able to get more work done and be more present at the times I wasn’t working. I strongly recommend getting this one.

Disconnection by more connection. A terrible place (photo by Esther Vargas)

Flu shot facts

Can you get the flu from the flu? How exactly does this vaccine work and why is it important? I found this article answered a lot of questions regarding the flu shot, and may provide some reasonable guidance on what can often be a polarizing topic.

Personal Development

Quit more often

Following our passions for too long can result in our untimely demise. Solution: quit more and have many passions. Don’t believe me? Look at this story that goes into all of the wild and crazy things Joe Rogan has done, and stopped doing, in order to reach the unreal success that he has.

How to apologize

Do you ever wonder if someone’s apology is sincere, or maybe you struggle with apologizing (I know I do at times).

That’s where this article comes in handy. In it, they outline the 6 components of a good apology, and provide relevant examples of how to apply.

How to have tough conversations with ease

In life, we all have to have difficult conversations. Hell, we even have avoid having conversations we should have because we don’t want others to get hurt. What if there was an easier way to have these tough convos?

Enter this article, where a counter-intuitive tip makes these talks incredibly easy, with less effort on your part 🙂

You aren’t lazy

I get it, you don’t get what you want done because you were feeling lazy today. But are you really lazy? This article challenges that notion, and gives you the real reason for your procrastination. Prepare to be uplifted.

Or just watch Netflix, whatever (Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash)

Inspiration from the Rock

Just listen to this uplifting speech from none other than The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson. If you think you have it tough, this guy struggled big time before he got famous. Watch it, then go attack the day!


Expand that upper back like never before

One thing that I’ve had a hard time with is getting rock solid upper back expansion in those with wide infrasternal angles…namely because their upper back feel, well, rock solid.

In those who are wide, generally (not always), the scaps are oriented into external rotation. So, if you need to get that upper back to expand, you may want to go the other way into IR. Prepare to have the upper back ripped apart with the ski slope squat below

Pick better shoes

Daddy-O Pops has been on a terror lately, this time talking about shoes. Look at how to pick out shoes from a different perspective and with particular goals in mind when you watch this video.

Beef up your joint references

One of the great book series on joint mechanics comes from Kapandji. The only downside is that these books are out of print and insanely expensive…until now.

I just copped volume seven of this three part series, and the graphics and explanations are absolutely lovely. Best part is they aren’t your typical $500, but a solid $50 apiece. You’ll definitely want to check them out.

Upper Limb
Lower Limb
Spinal Column, Pelvic Girdle, Head

Can’t get people to feel abs? You will now

I’ve had a few clients lately who were absolutely strugglebus when it came to cueing both tucking and breathing mechanics. Couldn’t feel anything. Wondering what the hell I was doing. All the fun stuff. I needed something, fast!

That’s when I elected to try this move above, and I’ve been getting some pretty solid changes both in mobility and symptoms. I find it the perfect entry level exercise for those with wide infrasternal angles who don’t take cues well and/or are deconditioned. GIVE IT A SHOT!

Two Movement Strategies, One Plane

I love that Daddy-O Pops Bill Hartman is back on producing regular content, and you’ll most certainly want to check out this overview on his movement model. He has boiled things down to two basic strategies, and I have found this to be extremely useful.


Does your PR need to be ugly?

Yeah. That 1-RM can look something nasty, but is this a necessary thing? That’s where this post by Lance Goyke calls this thought process into question, and drops some major wisdom.

With a beard that good, can anything really be ugly? (Photo by Lance Goyke)


These features are benefits

My boi Andy McCloy exposed me to Vado, and I was super impressed with his album, Long Run Volume 1. Aside from his own rapping chops, the features on this album are worth the price of admission. I’m talking Dave East, AZ, A$AP Ferg, Benny the Butcher, and many more.

Give Politics and Sage a listen.

Cover photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash