July 2018 Links and Review

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

You can’t change people.

Change has to come from within. It comes back to the whole you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink kinda thing.

So how do we elicit behavior change in our profession? That is the major goal after all. Change maladaptive behaviors to make our clients healthier and perform better.

I think the most successful way to do so is by setting yourself up to be the perfect example. To be a guide, a mentor, someone that your client can look up to. That involves both talking the talk and walking the walk. If you can achieve this status and be authentic, clients will look up to you. They’ll be more open to your persuasion.

You’ll better guide them along the path.

Though I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I know I can always be better. Personally, I worked on being a better example the last couple months by cleaning up my diet even further, being militant with my sleep, going through cognitive behavioral therapy, and minimizing harmful things that I know won’t help move the needle.

I still have a ways to go, but going through each of these individual processes has helped me better appreciate how hard change is, but also gives me experience, which may allow me to help others on a similar path.

Where is the hole in your health game? Are you taking steps today to get better? Comment below and let us know.


The how-to guide for interdisciplinary care

This journal article is one of the best I’ve come across in a minute. It’s very much a 30,000 foot view, but goes into a model for bringing all disciplines together to take sports performance to the next level.

Glazier (the author) goes into constraints, models, and a ton of variability talk. It’s incredibly dense, but provides a great framework for anyone who works with humans.

Sometimes you should just breathe instead of getting after it

Lucy Hendricks crafted a carefully written post on when restorative days are warranted in training.

A lot of times these days are poo-pooed in favor of hard training sessions, but there are four types of clients who would benefit from less intensive days. Check out the post to learn more.

Just preferably not with coke

Personal Development

Be a better person

I’ve been jamming a lot on the Jordan Harbinger Podcast lately, listening to most of the interesting Feedback Friday Q&As, and the dudes advice on handling interpersonal situations is quite good.

For those who haven’t heard of Jordan, he used to be the guy who ran The Art of Charm podcast, and you probably want to start going through his stuff if you want to be a better person, sell more effectively, and handle conflict.

A super easy way to learn languages

if you haven’t heard of Duolingo, then you probably need to get on this.

This free app provides easy to implement, yet challenging drills that teach you several different languages. The progressive difficulty makes recalling words and speaking the language mandatory.

While I can’t carry on a conversation in Spanish yet, I can at least say enough to flirt with someone 😉

A new 5 second rule

Got this recommendation (thanks Dhana) for a book called “The 5 Second Rule,” and no, you can’t eat stuff off the floor, but you can get things done better.

Simple rule, when you hesitate with something, you count “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” and then do it. Sounds easy, but you’d be amazed with how this works. Hesitate no more.

Here’s how to ask the right questions

The Art of Charm has been one of my favorite podcasts, especially this Power of Questions one with Frank Sesno. Here, Frank tells us why questions are so darn important, strategies for asking good questions, and so much more.

My favorite quote: “People remember what they say more than what they hear.”

You may even get your questions answered immediately.

Tips on money, nutrition, and life

This Get Rich Slowly post discusses  15 simple tips that will improve your savings account and life. The tips range from starting a roth IRA all the way to eating only when hungry, but these are all underutilized yet ultra important things we could focus on.


Gold standard kinesiology

I’ve been reviewing some kinesiology for my upcoming seminar, and I am simply blown away by Don Neumann Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System.

His book is incredibly comprehensive, evidence-based, and has phenomenal graphics. If you want to better understand how the body works with movement, this is the guide.

So there’s this pain talk…

Lucy Hendricks has collaborated with me on squashing many maladaptive pain beliefs with here clients, and this post shows how she has been implementing pain education with her clients.

She also gives me several shout-outs, so I may be a smidge biased 🙂

Health & Wellness

Is dental plaque really a bad thing?

on the road a lot last week led to major podcast gains, and this one between Dr. Michael Ruscio and Dr. Al Danenberg was unreal.

In this podcast, these guys discuss a range of topics, such as how probiotics interview mouth health, is flossing a thing, and questioning many other conventional dentistry tactics.

Healthy? Probably depends on what bacteria you have in your mouth fam #probiotics

Do you really need sunscreen?

Another Ruscio podcast. This time with Dr. Marianne Berwick, a sun exposure researcher. I loved what she had to say on the importance of sun exposure, tanning beds, and provides an actual practical alternative to sunscreen, that is also less costly.

Is medical marijuana supported?

I came across this podcast featuring Dr. Rachna Patel that is one of the least biased looks at medical marijuana.

I admit my bias is not thinking weed is the end all be all, but I developed a better appreciation for what this movement is doing after listening to Dr. Patel. I left with a better understanding of the pros and cons of using the substance, the best ways to ingest it, and left more open minded.

To say that this substance is not medically useful is flat out false, but there is a difference in safety and indications between medical and recreational use.

Stop hating on coconut oil, hate the American Heart Association Instead?!?!?!

A classic post came from Diana Rogers which lays out the entire issue that the AHA has with fat, and why coconut oil is an incredible option for many reasons.

I love how Diana didn’t focus only on the nutrition side of things, but what is most sustainable; another food variable to consider.


Jazz for hip hop heads

I found this playlist which comes from DJ Mark Farina, who has found an incredible way to blend jazz, hip hop, R&B, and basically everything a fam needs to be funky and fresh for the weekend.

Gangsta Gibbs is back at it again

Freddie Gibbs just released his new album, Freddie, which takes modern-sounding hip hop and throws some actual lyrics into the mix. The beats are simple, but the lyrical content is thuggin’ as always.

Give Weight and Triple Threat a listen.

Great rapper + pianist + drummer = amazing

I once had a front row spot when Common was rapping. He jumped right in front of me and we had a handshake grasp akin to that iconic scene in predator. May have been a defining moment in my life

Common is one of my top 5 rappers, and though he hasn’t put out fire lately, he absolutely killed, I mean killed, on this collab album with pianist Robert Glasper and jazz drummer Karriem Riggins features some of the best rhymes I’ve ever heard my guy spit. If you want to feel uplifted, you need to liste

Top songs for me include The Time, Optimistic (featuring Brandy no doubt), and Black Kennedy.

Who needs hip hop when you have…psychedelic rock?!?!

I don’t know how I came across Tame Impala, but this band’s album Currents was just absolutely amazing. I think the sound resonated with me because it’s a blend of alt.rock, electronica, and hip-hop sounds, and it’s just a
smooth summer listen.

Listen to the whole album on a car ride. You won’t regret it.

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