Movement Principles and Breathing

There are a lot of exercises to choose from, tons of methodologies to practice, and lots of areas to focus on when it comes to training and rehab.

How do you determine which stuff is most important for your clients?

In a time where noise is at an all-time high, having sound principles that you operate from can help you stay focused on what matters most with helping your clients reach their goals.

Principles, breathing, and so much more were on the setlist for the Flat White Podcast I had recently done.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to get the most out of attending seminars
  • What are the top priorities one must focus on when working with a new client
  • How programming differences in rehab and training scenarios to help the client reach their goals
  • How to navigate when clients hit plateaus
  • Which movement tests are my key decision-makers for designing programs
  • Why anthropometrics matter with movement limitations
  • The difference between movement variability and movement options and why everyone needs both
  • The importance of developing movement fundamentals
  • How all body systems influence each other
  • How knowing the fundamentals of movement makes you better at assimilating information from seminars
  • What are some basic activities that improve infrasternal angle dynamics
  • The differences between a squat and a hinge, and how to improve each

Click here or the links below to check it out.

Flat White 36 – Movement Principles & Breathing With Zac Cupples on Apple Podcasts

Image by Ichigo121212 from Pixabay