July 2019 Links and Review

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Here were the goodies that my peeps got their learn on in July.

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Master the Fundamentals – Biggest Lesson of the Month

One of the topics I discuss in my seminar is finding the common ground among systems. This idea is often discussed, but rarely explored.

I attempt to explore this concept by discussing movement, which involves going into detail on joints and their respective mechanics.

When I was in Costa Rica teaching my seminar recently, we ended up having a major discussion on some questions regarding the properties of joints, and I left that talk with a few un-answerables.

I hate not having the answer, so I spent a lot of this past month studying joint properties.

Having fundamental understandings of anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology is something that Daddy-O Pops Bill Hartman has burned in my brain, but this message became re-invigorated this past month, and has made me appreciate what he is trying to to with his Intensive even more.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on with water, let me tell you!

If we can develop foundational knowledge, and principles from that knowledge, we will have better ability to act across a wider variety of potential scenarios with our clients.

What are your fundamental principles? Comment below and let the fam know.

Personal Development 

How to pick up a skill faster than ever before

Sure, you might not be an expert in one day, but is there a way you can become better at a skill faster than the average bear? Deliberate practice may be the answer to this question, yet what components make practice deliberate? This article outlines what those keys are, and how to incorporate them into skill acquisition.

Have an untouchable day

Do you struggle getting important things done? Especially if you’ve somehow freed up extra time? Here’s a solution offered by this article that I think is a great idea to ensuring that you stay productive while also prioritizing the important things in your life, such as your fam…fam.

Be more than someone’s SO

The key to relationships, according to this article outlining a Michelle Obama speech, is taking care of yourself. You don’t need to be someone else’s SO, but the best version of yourself. Your relationship ought to enhance who you are, not make. So many gems in this article.

Your dumb money mistakes, solved

There are many mistakes we make with money, but here are seven of them that are quite profound. Fortunately, this post also offers solutions to these woes.

You probably want to stop doing things that are the equivalent of this

Can’t say no? Get a 1-800 number

At least that’s what the great Bill Murray did. In this article, you’ll hear a great story as to how Bill Murray ruthlessly protected his time, and why he was a better person for it.

How to become free

I’ve been binging on the Naval Ravikant podcast lately. Naval is an angel investor who has so many words of wisdom on how to build wealth, why it matters, and how critical taking advantage of the internet is toward building freedom. You will not regret listening to the short snippets he has on his podcast.

Four rules to live by

Self-sabotage is one of the most common problems I see with many of the people I work with. We need a change a mindset, a change in our story. Our dream.

The Four Agreements helps provide a framework to change that mindset, and gives axioms to live by to help make you a better person for yourself.

Following your passion = BS

Been told to follow your passion? You may want to take the other path, as this post discusses why this advice is useless, inhibits growth, and dissuade you from making yourself better.


The case of the “missing” synovial fluid

I was teaching in Costa Rica this past weekend, and an OG/mentee/friend/bae asked a great question about synovial fluid: “in arthritis, since joint space is reduced, where does the synovial fluid go?”

I was dumbfounded and never thought of that. So after a few lashings for not knowing the answer, I did some research, and found this article. Here, you’ll get an outline on how the properties of synovial fluid change with osteoarthritis, and has a plausible explanation as to why sometimes OA can be asymptomatic.

The difference between pain and injury

Hurt with working out and unsure if it is a good or bad thing? That’s where Daddy-O Pops Bill Hartman comes in to save the day. In this article, Bill outlines what symptoms are considered “good” pain, and what should warrant a change in the program or a referral.


An excellent squat progression

The Holistic Fitness Connector herself Lucy Hendricks (aka LuHen) is back at it again, this time with her most up-to-date squat progression that she utilizes with her clients.

I think you will really like this post because she has some unique variations that are excellent squats, yet most people do not use. I actually teach you the how and the why on many of these squat variations at my seminar, so if you can, give both a shot!

And here’s NOT an excellent squat progression

Can you get huge and not hurt yourself?

It seems that getting bigger and stronger go hand in hand with hurting, but maybe not. That’s why I really liked Lance Goyke’s post outlining his struggles with hypertrophy and beating himself up, and how he persevered to find a way. There is hope, and the solutions he found were the same ones that I found for myself. Stay tuned.


Trailer Park Hip Hop FTW

Yelawolf does indeed country fry them up in his new album: “Trunk Muzik III.” I thought Yela fell off a bit, as his last few albums were nowhere near “Trunk Muzik,” but this joint is a return to form. Yela does what he does best: rap crazy fast and rhythmic over a bumping 808 bass drum. It’s a bit different fare from the norm I listen to, so I think you’ll like it.

You’ll want to give TM3, Catfish Billy 2, Drugs, and All the Way Up a listen.

For your Vitamin G deficiency

Lacking some gangstaness in your life? Then you’ll want to check out Gran Turismo by Curren$y. The entire album is produced by Staik Selektah, so you get a combo of great drug dealing raps with the old school beats you ever so needed.

My two favorite joints are Nothin Less and Gran Turismo.

Evidently MGK didn’t die

I thought after Killshot by Eminem, MGK’s career was going to be over. Then he releases his new album, Hotel Diablo.

While depressing as all hell, the beats and lyricism are quite good. You can use this joint to either fuel your workouts with that hard 808, or spend a day being sad by tuning into the lyrics. I admire MGK’s openness about his struggles.

Listen to El Diablo and FLOOR 13

The most gangstarous of albums

Freddie Gibbs has been in my top 7 for a minute, and his new album, Bandana (produced by the great Madlib), demonstrates why he ranks so high. The flows are ridiculous, laced with beautiful criminal imagery, and the beats are some of the best I’ve heard from Madlib. It’s probably going to be one of my favorite albums.

Check out Crime Pays, Giannis, Cataracts, Fake Names, and Education (Yasiin Bey and Black Thought Feature!!!) and  but really the whole thing. This album is best listened to as a whole.