Fix Your Shoulder Internal Rotation FAST

This Unlocks Your Shoulder Mobility

Struggling with shoulder internal rotation can mess with your health, function, and performance. But don’t worry. I’ve got the lowdown on getting your shoulders moving right.

The overlooked key? Your rib cage.

Read on to learn about it.

The Ribcage is The Key

The ribcage is the base of your shoulder girdle. Where EVERYTHING sits.

Want shoulder internal rotation? Then you need to improve these paired mechanics:

  • Backside lower ribcage expansion
  • Scapular external rotation
  • Shoulder internal rotation

These 3 actions happen together. If we expand the lower ribs in the back, we domino effect your shoulder mobility. It’s the major key everyone glosses over.

Unsure if you’re stuck? Try the Apley’s scratch test:

As you can see, I’m restricted in the picture

You’re limited if you can’t touch the bottom of the opposite shoulder blade without effort. But don’t worry, below is to how to improve your tight shoulders.

4 Best Moves for Shoulder Internal Rotation

These four moves do wonders for improving the above mechanics.

1. Elevated Quadruped on Elbows

90º angles place the arm and shoulder blade in a position that expands the back lower ribs.

  1. Forearms on a box, elbows and wrists bear the weight.
  2. Start sagged.
  3. Push up through all 3 points on the exhale
  4. Aim for 5 sets of 5 breaths.

2. Hook Lying 120 Reach

When you go up in degrees, you magnify the above mechanics.

  1. Lie down, knees bent
  2. Arms at 110-120 degrees.
  3. Go for 5 sets of 5 breaths
  4. Keeping arms in position

3. Frog Breathing

This movement requires less internal rotation to begin with. But, the increased upper body weight bearing makes this one TOUGH.

  1. Hips and knees are wider than shoulder-width
  2. Feet and hands together
  3. Weight on knees, elbows, and wiggle bone on the wrist
  4. Push up through all 3 points on the exhale
  5. Do 5 sets of 5 breaths.

4. Low Oblique Sit

This one is brutal. Single arm, but crazy shoulder mobility gains.

  1. Lie on your side, hand in a C grip, and rotate down.
  2. Roll forward to contact wiggle bone on the wrist and bottom outside knee.
  3. Press up through those 2 points on the exhale.
  4. 5 sets of 5 breaths on the limited side.

Sum up

If these exercises don’t get your shoulder where you want it to be, we’ve got more in the arsenal. Check out this post. You’ll get even more techniques to get your shoulders moving.