Next Level Lower Body: Pelvis Mechanics and Single Leg Exercise

Want to develop a comprehensive approach to restoring movement to help someone in pain?

An approach that allows you to enhance your client’s movement repertoire so there are multiple ways to help them reach their fitness goals?

My seminar, Human Matrix: The Code for Maximal Health and Performance, can help you attain these very goals.

With a collaborative learning environment fa show!

I will teach you how by providing you a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint your client’s movement limitations, practical exercise application to aid in restoring movement deficiency, and learn how to coach loaded movements to build client fitness and resiliency.

Below are two snippets of the seminar. In the first snippet, we discuss compensatory pelvis mechanics. Understanding these mechanics can allow you to better appreciate how lower body movement limitations can develop, and what to do about them (note, you may want to check out normal mechanics here before going all abnormal).

In the second video, we discuss single leg loading variations. Executing these movements to perfection build up what was gained in the compensatory mechanics section.

If you would like to attend a seminar and dive further, look no further then the links below.

October 27th-28th – Kansas City, MO (Early bird ends September 30th!)

November 10th-11th – Portland, OR (Early bird ends September 30th!)

December 8th-9th – Charleston, SC

February 2nd-3rd – New Providence, NJ

Otherwise, enjoy the videos!

Compensatory Pelvis Mechanics

Single Leg Exercises