Sciatica, World’s Greatest Stretch, and Back Squat – Movement Debrief Episode 54

Movement Debrief Episode 54 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me.

Here is the set list:

  • What is sciatica?
  • What methods can be used to treat sciatica?
  • What is so special about the world’s greatest stretch?
  • Is stretching the upper and lower body beneficial?
  • What coaching cues do I use when coaching a back squat?
  • Are there different coaching considerations for a narrow or wide ISA on the back squat?

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and the audio version…

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Here were the links I mentioned:

Sign-up for the Human Matrix in Seattle, WA on September 15-16th here

Sign up for the Human Matrix in Kansas City, KS on October 27-28th here


Sign-up for the Human Matrix in Portland, OR on November 10-11 here

Here is how you can palpate the sciatic nerve tract (some Yung Z right here)

Here is how to perform the slump test

Here is how to perform the straight leg raise

Here is all you need on the thorax

And a bunch of stuff on the hips

Click here to read a bunch of stuff on neurodynamics

Thoughts on Post-Workout Stretching

Stop Stretching, You’re Wasting Your Time – Here’s What to do Instead

Here is the world’s greatest stretch

Pat Davidson

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World’s Greatest Stretch

Back Squat