December 2018 Links and Review

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Here were the goodies that my peeps got their learn on in December.

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

I’ve been reading Robert Greene’s new book, and one section stood out in regards to other people.

The gist: see people not as things you can change, extension of you, but as separate objects, just like plants or anything.

I think that this is hard in our industry, because one of our ways we succeed with people is by inducing behavior change to help our people become healthier and higher level performers. Yet, do we bleed this into our lives, into relationships with others, in a manner that is unhealthy at times?

I think I am guilty of this more than I’d like to be, yet I feel as though this book has been helping me recognize that in myself, be cool knowing that we are not perfect, and understanding this can enhance your ability to relate to others.

What do you struggle with? How are you resolving it this new year? Comment below. 

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