The Unsexy Side of PT

Struggle with mouth breathing?

Much of the stuff taught on my site focuses on maximizing your breathing skills from the neck on down, but what happens when that is not enough? What if you still have issues with neck or jaw symptoms? Or worse yet, struggle with sleep?

These are the topics we dive into on The Optimize Your Capacity podcast I did recently.

You’ll learn all types of things featured in the netherworld of performance, including:

  • Craniocervical posture and how to test for movement limitations in this region
  • The “ideal” tongue posture to promote nasal breathing
  • What a proper swallow entails to reduce neck strain
  • What the keys are to having a dynamic respiratory strategy that maximizes movement options through the body
  • Is there a “best” posture to sleep in? That depends on your body 🙂
  • and more!

Click the links below to check it out!

The Unsexy Side of PT: Zac Cupples (Apple Podcasts)