Curing Split Squat Knee Pain FAST!

The Split Squat ESSENTIALS You Are Missing

You’ve mastered the split squat form, but you’re still getting knee pain during?

Did you ever think that maybe your split squat technique is NOT the issue? Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you the right drills to shift your efforts towards.

I’m going to give you the 3 drills that will loosen up your hips, strengthen your knees, and reduce knee pain during split squats.

And make sure to stick around until the end because I’ve got a little present for you to try afterward.

Broad and Even Foot Pressure

During the split squat, the ankle must dorsiflex (move forward) and the foot must pronate (flatten).

Most people lack the ability to drive this movement.


Sense the inside heel and big toe base.

If you can’t sense these areas, your foot will have a difficult time pronating, which limits ankle mobility and glute/thigh recruitment, especially at the bottom of the split squat.

Walking Wall Squat to Restore Hip Motion

When working with my knee pain clients, we often see the center of mass pushing forward. This can overload the knee and might be the reason you’re feeling pain during the split squat.

We need to teach you to shift backward.

  1. Facing wall with hands on it
  2. Feet pointing forward
  3. Soft knees
  4. Exhale + push wall + hips back + chest down
  5. Walk down the wall and squat
  6. Exhale slowly and fully through the mouth
  7. Repeat for 5 breaths

Mistakes to look out for:

  • When exhaling, make sure to bring the belly button back and avoid crunching the chest
  • Remember foot contacts: push through the inside of the heel and base of the big toe to flatten the arch

Superhero Split Squat Isometric for Standing Strength

Flattened foot contact and learning to shift the hips back will loosen up your mobility, but this next one is a good preparatory drill before you do your split squats.

  1. Start with symmetrical stance
  2. Exhale + hips back + chest down
  3. Slide one leg back, keeping the knee bent
  4. Take a knee
  5. Hold this position for 5 breaths

Mistakes to look out for:

  • Aim to stay close to the ground
  • If this movement is too easy, add load in the hand opposite of the leg that’s in front
  • If this movement is too difficult, remove load by pressing down into a band or cable to unweight the legs
  • Remember foot contacts: push through the inside of the heel and base of the big toe to flatten the arch

Still Having Split Squat Knee Pain?

To recap, we’ve gone over my three most helpful drills:

  1. Foot position
  2. Walking wall squat
  3. Superhero split squat isometric

If you nailed these, you should have increased mobility! Yay!

Sometimes, however, the knee pain can persist through split squats because of HOW you’re doing them.

My buddy, Lance Goyke, put together an article to help you clean up split squat knee pain with some cues you can try right away.

If you want to perfect your technique, definitely check that one out.

What struggles have you had with the split squat? Comment below and let us know!