September 2018 Links and Review

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

Learning must be collaborative.

I learned so much giving my seminar, Human Matrix, this past month.

so collaborative

I learned so much because none of the attendees hesitated to contribute, put themselves out there and contribute to the discussion, and helped each other out. It was having an ego-less and beginner’s mindset that can really take your learning to the next level, and it was something that the attendees inspired me to continue to have.

Want to sign up for a collaborative seminar that will have you apply movement in a manner that helps your client’s reach their goals? Sign up at one of the spots below.

October 27-28, Kansas City, MO

November 10-11, Portland, OR

December 8th-9th, Charleston, SC

February 2nd-3rd, 2019, New Providence, NJ

Personal Development

The death of willpower

This post by Eric Barker really hit home with me, as I’m a guy who usually drains willpower dry to try and meet my goals. What if that pursuit backfired?

Instead, this post draws off of the book Emotional Success (I ordered a copy immediately after reading this post). Forget bullying to your goals. Draw from gratitude, compassion, and pride to keep your good habits on point and your bad ones at bay.

Keeping a journal is advocated to carry out these strategies. If you want an easy one to implement, start with the 5 Minute Journal. It’s the one I use everyday.

When you get over willpower, you will become a Jedi with staying goal-oriented

Why you need to cut back on notifications

Notifications aren’t there for your benefit, but for the company that owns the app. That is one of the many reasons this post implores you to cut the phone notifications down, and provides practical ways on how to do so.

I got 99 problems but a relationship ain’t one

Eric Barker coming on strong again with this post on solving problems in relationships.

In it, he cites researcher Dan Gottman on what qualities one must have when undergoing a problem with the good ol’ SO. The big keys that I got: listen, stay calm, and be influenced by your partner.


Always be selling yourself

Yes!!! Lance Goyke is back and put out a fire post on the things he has learned working in corporate fitness.

These lessons are useful for coaches, and hell, for life. My favorite part has to be on why selling yourself is important, and the section on protecting yourself is a healthy reminder that I so desperately needed.

How could you not want to work with this guy? #immediatefam

Do compression garments work?

Uhh, no fam.

But if you want a laserlike dissection of a study that supports this claim, my man Yann Le Meur keeps it banging with a fire infographic discussing all the things that compression garments have been shown ineffective at.


Death of a pioneer

I was sad to hear that Leon Chaitow, a manual medicine pioneer, passed away this week.

Few have contributed as much to the field as this man has. Published 40 books (including one of my favorites on breathing) and was truly a master of many. His contributions will be missed.

Give the soleus some love

Aline Thompson just crushed this post which bashed several myths surrounding an underappreciated muscle, the soleus.

Here, she discusses implication of this muscle in regards to ACL rehab, tendinopathy, athleticism and so much more.

Though the focus is on one muscle, it really is a metaphor and call to action for developing a comprehensive approach to help your peeps.

Health and Wellness

I’m anti this anti-inflammatory

You or someone you know ever prescribed diclofinac? May want to think again after reading this post.

Here, this post talks about a study that shows how this common anti-inflammatory actually increases cardiovascular disease risk. May want to consider some other common alternatives if anti-inflammatories are a must.

Maybe you shouldn’t have that glass of wine every night

At least that’s what this study published in Lancet suggests.

Those who drink over 100g per alcohol per week, about 7 “standard” drinks, had significant increase in all cause mortality. Pending the amounts, you are looking at losing 6 months to up to five years! And yes that includes binge drinking.

However, the key with studies like these, is also looking at other behaviors that those who drink heavily are associated with. The study mentioned increased smoking incidence as well as lower socioeconomic status.

The summary: live responsibly.

Jet lag no more?

I’ve been jet setting a bit more frequently as of late, and this article on minimizing jet lag was very timely.

Here, you’ll learn realistically how many time zones your body can adjust to in a day, what steps you can take to minimize the effects, and you’ll get a dope calculator which will teach you how to adjust bedtime.

Pack your melatonin, fam. It’s going to be a great ride!

Basically my life this year #imtiredboss

Professional Development

Why you MUST negotiate

There has been much talk about gender inequality in pay, but did you know women are 60% less likely to negotiate their salary than their male counterparts?

The sad thing is that negotiation, a valuable skill to possess, is not taught and subsequently rarely used. Even though missing one negotiation opportunity in salary could cost you $500,000 or more over the course of your career.

Until now.

The Jordan Harbinger podcast has this great 3-part series on negotiation taught by Alex Kouts. He discusses many examples as why it’s important, and provides very practical negotiation guidelines. Listen to one, two, and three and I promise you will not be disappointed. And hey, if you get a few extra bucks in the process, don’t hesitate to throw a few nickels to big Z if you know what I’m sizzlin’ #yourewelcome


Learn how the greatest became to be

I’ve kinda been on an Eminem kick, and I came across a documentary on him on good ol’ Youtube.

Love or hate Eminem, or his often shocking content, seeing his upbringing can explain a lot of where his material comes from. The man had a hard life, and you could easily see how someone who grew up with his background could have gone on to do terrible things. Be thankful he grew up to be the best rapper there is despite having every reason not to.

Eminem fires back at MGK

There’s this whole beef between MGK and Eminem, and my boi (Em of course), released a fire retaliation track called Killshot.

While it may not be as personal as Rap Devil was, the depth of the rap and technical mastery that Em exudes in this joint is gold. Even when you understand the layered meaning behind the title you’ll be blown away.

Hoping to be a fitness industry version of him…The greatest, no holds barred, and does not give a…hoot

Yes, someone who can rhyme like whoa

After listening to the new Eminem, album, I was absolutely blown away by a feature Joyner Lucas had on there, and WOW. This album. Holy crap.

I am absolutely loving his flow, his lyricism, everything is just unbelievable coming from this guy.

Give FYM a listen (with a Mystikal feature of all people). And if you like that, a must listen is I’m Not Racist.

New rappers, take note

My mentee Brendan turned me onto Tobe Nwigwe, and OMG!!!!!!!!!

I am really digging his album THE ORIGINALS. He raps with amazing lyrical prowess that sounds a tad similar to Kendrick, but over beats that are more aligned with what most modern rappers spit over.

if you just want a sample, check out this freestyle by him. #fire

Slim Shady is standing up, despite a savage knockdown attempt

Out of nowhere, my favorite emcee Eminem release a surprise album titled Kamikaze last week.

Here, we see the greatest back in rare form, angry, calling out everyone in the industry, and showing everyone why he is the GOAT.

His harsh lyrics even led to a dirty diss track from Machine Gun Kelly, which has me so juiced up about Em’s response. Ahh, hip hop at it’s finest.

My favorite tracks include The Ringer, Lucky You, and Not Alike.

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