November 2018 Links and Review

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Here were the goodies that my peeps got their learn on in November.

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

You have to make time for yourself.

With me working a full time gig, and trying to continue to produce content at the rate I am, there was one big thing I was neglecting in my life.


I was sustaining this for awhile, as I always had the beacon of being student loan free to look forward to, but I had a moment which hit critical mass, and I realized how neglecting myself was hurting me and my loved ones.

Now am I going to reduce my content? My hope is no. I am in so much love with the process of learning and teaching that comes with this site that I in no way see myself stopping.

What I am doing however, is making more time for me in my daily schedule, limiting my availability, and I am excited to see what areas my life will improve, especially this one.

How do you build time in your day, week for yourself? Comment below. I need all suggestions!

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The most gangsta collab you’ve heard in a minute

Freddie Gibbs has been in my top 5 since I’ve really started diving into his library, and he just released this awesome effort with Curren$y.

The beats = fire. The verses = fire. and the chemistry between these two great Emcees is refereshing. If you need to feel G’d up, this is the joint to listen to.

Give New Thangs a listen.

Slaughterhouse is not dead

Or at least Joell Ortiz is not, after he popped this record with Apollo Brown producing, and the amount of firepower and realism on this joint is absolute inspiring. Kudo to my boi Iordan Krouchev on this one.

Definitely want to check out Reflection, That Place, and Timberlan’d Up.

When Hip Hop meets funk

Many don’t know Masta Ace, but he was a profound influence on many of the modern day greats, especially Eminem. He recently released a collab album with producer Marco Polo called A Breukelen Story, and it’s east coast hip hop in it’s purest form. The samples Marco Polo uses remind of something the love child between DJ Premier and Pete Rock would do, and Masta Ace’s storytelling is second to none.

My top two tracks are Man Law and Kings.

A vastly underrated MC