Does the Mute Nasal Dilator Help with Sleep? | Unboxing the Mute

Can your nasal breathing really improve with a piece of plastic?

Do you snore, sleep terribly, or have a BUNCH of neck tension? 

You’ve tried it all, right?

Uhh, maybe not FAM.

The ability to nasal breathe is related to all three of the above mentioned issues, but for many, the nose can be difficult to breathe through.

I am someone who has nasal valve collapse, and that has been the major struggle for me.

The Mute, supposedly, can help maintain the shape of the nasal airway, helping you breathe like a boss through your nose.

Or can it? 

We find out with my 6-week trial of wearing the Mute while I sleep, work out, and more!

Watch the video below to learn more!

Why I’m trying the Mute

If there’s one thing I’ve struggled with over my lifespan, it’s been breathing through my nose.

Ever since I was a kid, I remember my mom yelling at me because I was a mouth breather.

Little did she know that I had structural issues contributing to my nasal breathing difficulty. That is why I’ve tried A TON of treatments to help with this. Namely, I tried working with an ENT, had a septoplasty with turbinate reduction, wisdom teeth extracted, tongue-tie release, and palatal expansion. All of these treatments have definitely helped up my sleep gains.

Yet the difficulty nasal breathing persists.

The major issue when I breathe in through my nose is that the nose collapses inward, when it should flare outward, creating more space for air to come in.

That’s why I elected to try out the Mute, a nasal dialator that can assist the nose in maintaining its shape.

Nasal breathing on fleek…or is it?

Basically, the Mute pushes up against the sides of the nose, keeping it open as you breathe in. Theoretically, this will assist with nasal breathing, which has TONS of health benefits.

I elected to try the Mute with just about everything; sleeping, exercise, hiking, working, just to see what would happen.

Here are the results:

Wearing the Mute for 6 weeks

I wore the Mute a bunch for 6 weeks.

First, the comfort level. You don’t really notice it much while it’s in your nose aside from occasional discomfort along the ridge, but otherwise it’s pretty comfortable.

You can immediately see and tell a difference in nasal breathing quality. The collapse that I would normally get while nasal breathing was completely eliminated.

I wore this device with a ton of activities, with pretty impressive results:

Sleeping wearing the Mute

Though I didn’t have any quantitative differences wearing the Mute, my sleep quality subjectively improved. I nasal breathed a ton better

Exercising with the Mute

This area was where I noticed the biggest difference. When I exercise hard, I get TONS of neck tension and congestion.

When I wear the Mute, whether its hiking, training, sprinting, or playing spikeball, neck tension was nearly gone and energy level were through the roof. This was worth the price of admission.

Negatives of wearing the Mute

The cons list is pretty small, aside from two big factors:

  1. It’s totally noticeable in your nose, so you can’t really wear it out in public without people looking at you funny.
  2. The effects are gone as soon as you take the Mute out of your nose

Do I recommend wearing the Mute

Overall, the Mute helped me quite a bit with nasal breathing, and for a temporary/conservative solution, I would strongly recommend using it.

If you struggle with nasal breathing, have a nasal valve collapse, or are congested AF, you should definitely “GIVE IT A SHOT!”

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  1. Awesome to hear about your experience. I tried it a couple of years ago after Mike Mullins recommended it to someone on a Twitter thread. I haven’t worn it in months but will bring it to my track session today to test it out.

    What I have been doing is putting athletic tape over my mouth (just a small piece) to mimic the effects of Somnifix. GIVE IT A SHOT!

    1. When you break 10s on that 100m with it, holla at ya boi!

      And nice! I’ve been using myotape. Big fan. It’s why my lips are so luscious now LOL.


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