Fix Rib Flare Once and For All | 30-Day Challenge

Time to Tame That Rib Flare

Do your lower ribs stick out like a sore thumb? (rib?)

That’s what we call a rib flare.

And no, it’s not Rick Flair (WOOO).

It’s pretty common and not a cause of pain, but it can impact your rotational mobility.

But guess what? You can change how your lower ribs look. 🤯

If you hit the moves I’m about to show you as part of our 30-day challenge, you’ll get some AMAZING improvements.

Read below to learn how.

How the ribs change shape

I’m not joking homie. According to this study, your ribcage changes shape depending on your body position. If you lie on your back, it gets bigger sideways. On your side, it’s bigger front to back.

See how the rib is pointier on the left

With a rib flare, the ribcage tends to shift forward. This movement happens as the spine extends. Moving forward limits rotation.

So to improve the flare (and your rotation), we need to do 2 things:

  1. Learn how to shift backward
  2. Improve side-to-side dimensions.

I got 4 exercises that do just that.

You’ll want to do them in order with the following parameters:

  1. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds (on each side if relevant)
  2. Rest 10 seconds before moving on to the next move
  3. Perform 3-4 total rounds of this circuit
  4. Hit this routine daily for the next 30 days

Let’s go through it:

Exercise 1 – Decline Prone on Elbows

This move starts with the ribs in a more forward position. Breathing here will help push the ribcage back. It can’t go anywhere else because of the ground!

  1. Place pillows or pads under your abs and lower ribs
  2. Chest facing down
  3. Arms above head, with elbow crease at eye height
  4. Silent inhale through the nose.
  5. Mouth exhale. Get HEAVY through the inner elbow and base of wrist. (your chest will move away from the ground)
  6. Keep the lower ribs HEAVY on the pads
  7. Breathe per above until time is up

Exercise 2 – Quadruped on Elbows

This move works like the last exercise, but we’ve kicked it up a notch. Now, the abs will help get the ribs to move!

  1. Start on forearms and knees
  2. Knees and hips stacked. Elbows and shoulders stacked
  3. Eyes glance near fingertips
  4. Silent nasal inhale
  5. Mouth exhale. Get HEAVY on the elbow and wrist base
  6. Breathe per above until time is up

Exercise 3 – Wall Squat

Now we will use a position that will encourage the backward shift in standing! We gettin’ wild, yo!

  1. Stand a foot length away from the wall.
  2. Yoga block or ball between the knees. Hold it in place.
  3. Keep weight on inner heel and big toe base. Slide down the wall into a 1/4 squat.
  4. Elbows bent and arms just out in front of you
  5. Silent nasal inhale
  6. Mouth exhale and reach elbows toward the ground
  7. Breathe per above until time is up

Exercise 4 – Single Leg Drunken Turtle 🐢

The finisher. This move is a dynamic way to get the ribs move. If you can roll back all the way, you’ll expand A TON backward. Shifting back LIKE A BOSS.

  1. Eyes forward
  2. Bring one knee to the chest, the other leg straight.
  3. Nose inhale and roll backward
  4. Exhale and roll forward
  5. Keep knee to chest throughout
  6. Perform each side for the 30 seconds.

Sum up

So there you have it, folks! Four exercises to tame that wild rib flare and get you moving like a legend. Give ’em a shot and let me know how it goes in the comments below.