April 2018 Links and Review

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Here were the goodies that my peeps got their learn on in April.

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

I attended Paleofx this past month (review coming soon), and was hit really hard with just how many different things can negatively impact your health. The water you drink (I’m buying a filter), the pesticides on foods (I’m starting to buy more organic), and so much more. These things matter, and are going to be an area of study for me in the future.

Some damn allstars right here.

Personal Development

Eliminate distractions for better productivity

I started reading Deep Work by Cal Newport, and it has made me rethink several processes that are getting in the way of me producing better content.

It is oftentimes easy to get sucked down a social media rabbit hole, or not make time for unobstructed focus, but this book will have you both thinking differently about the importance of deep work, but also how to implement it into any kind of schedule.

If you want to increase your value to others, check these out

A friend of mine recently turned me onto the Art of Charm Podcast, which is dangerous considering my obsession with human interaction.

They released a series of podcasts on utilizing high vs. low value behaviors, leading with value, and conflict resolution, and I found what they advocated to be profound.

Let’s just say there almost 700 podcasts will be keeping me busy for a minute.

Mandatory listening if you wish to stop procrastinating

I’ve been doing a boatload of driving lately, which has given me time to catch up on some podcasts (and hip hop, lets not get it twisted).

This podcast on 20 Tips to Reduce Procrastination on the IProcrastinate Podcast was money. Some of my favorites include being aware of the circumstances and feelings around procrastination, and refocusing on your goals.


Getting after it Post-Rehab

Lucy Hendricks keeps killing it with content. In this week’s post, she outlines how she gets those clients who seem fragile to lifting weight. I admire her applying the principles of graded exposure in a fitness setting, and the results speak for themselves.

The building trust portions are gold.

And Lucy. That’s about it.

Professional Development

Ugly marketing for the win

I’m back listening to the Art of Charm podcast, and I thought this one featuring Steve Sims was awesome.

For those who don’t know, Steve is a guy who gets shit done. He has gotten people married by the Pope, dinners in places you can’t have dinner, and many other amazing things.

What was most cool though, was how he approaches getting these things to happen. His philosophy of making people happy and marketing ideas were a breath of fresh air.

In bidness, all you need is love

I started listening to the Masters of Scale Podcast, which is quite well done, and my favorite was the Sam Altman interview. 

In this talk, Sam discusses why it’s better to have a small user base who loves you compared to a large base that likes your. Love will cause your product, whatever that is, to spread. Definitely a refreshing listen.

Health & Wellness

Do night shift settings on your phone actually work?

It’s common knowledge that blue light before bed is no bueno, but are your typical phone settings enough?

Yann Le Meur answers the question with this post comparing various settings on the Iphone. If you want to maximize blue light blocking, you’ll want to check this out.

Or better yet, get off your phone 🙂

Sadly, I see these type of get-togethers too much.

Get connected with the best in fitness

My homegirl Lucy Hendricks, who has been putting out dope content on the social media front, has finally put together a blog called Holistic Fitness Connector (about time).

The intent is to connect y’all with good stuff across the interwebz, plus produce a ton of original content.

Check out her “Be the Teacher They Never Had” post. It’s quite touching and inspiring.

What if the key to more sleep was less sleep?

This is one actual strategy that Eric Barker suggests in his recent sleep post.

I really liked the post because many of the tips were a bit different than the typical fare you hear. Wait until you read the section on light exposure at night. It’ll make you rethink your blue blocking glasses.

What the heck should we eat?

First eggs are bad. Now they’re good, now they’re bad again, only to be good. Who to believe when food recommendations are so conflicting?

Enter Dr. Mark Hyman dropping serious knowledge on the Chris Kresser podcast. He dubunks quite a few food myths, and has me hungry (no pun intended, or is it??) for more. Excited to check out his book.


If you want to learn how to implement the infrasternal angle into your practice and programming, here’s a great guide

Lucy Hendricks put together an outstanding post on Training Modifications using the Infrasternal Angle.

In this post, she outlines why measuring the angle is important, how to measure it (courtesy of big Z), and most importantly, some practical tips on applying the newfound knowledge.

It’s quite comprehensive, and I think you’ll like it.

Can a rehab clinician be evidence-based?

Man, Mike Reinold killed it with this post on evidence-based practice.

Oftentimes you’ll see PTs argue amongst themselves on the interwebz regarding evidence-based practice, but Mike eloquently lays out the problem within our evidence-base, and provides a much more prudent approach towards clinical reasoning.

Some great quotes from Michael Shacklock

My good friend and smart-AF clinician Aline Thompson wrote some amazing quotes and reflections from said quotes from a course she taught by a here of mine, Michael Shacklock. Way to make me sad for not attending 🙂

One of my favorites: “The same diagnosis doesn’t mean the same patient presentation.”

Yeah, we’re kind of bros. And by kind of I mean not really. And by not really I mean #mancrush


Take this elevator to a hip hop classic

Bishop Nehru is probably a cat you didn’t know about, but he just released an amazing album called Elevators I & II.

What really put me on this album was the dual production from Kaytranada (one of my favorite up and coming producers) and MF DOOM (#supavillain), and Bishop’s dope lyrics and flow over these beats does not disappoint.

Check out Up, Up, and Away for the Kaytranada flair, and Again & Again for a dope DOOM track.

This album is definitely Evidence-based

Evidence is a cat who I used to listen quite a bit to back in his Dialated Peoples days, and his new joint called Weather or Not takes me back to a lot of those good tracks.

I like this album because Evidence is clearly having fun. Doesn’t think of rhyming anything too profound, just riding the beat better than no other.

Definitely listen to 10,000 Hours, the track produced by one of my favorites, DJ Premier.

My pun game like whoa

New Skyzoo = listen now

I’ve never really given much of a listen to Skyzoo before, but his latest album: In Celebration of Us, was a perfect mixture of storytelling, bravado, humility, and fire beats.

There is no favorite track, the whole setlist, especially the second half of the album, is fire. Give it a listen!

Here’s what happens when you combine an incredible pianist with one of the hottest producers out there.

Everyone talks about their favorite rappers, but the real of the real also know the producers who make the beats.

One of the hottest producers for me right now is Kaytranada, and he just did an incredible remix EP on pianist Robert Glasper’s work. It’s an awesome mix of their distinct sounds, and I think you cats will really lke it.

Definitely give “Day to Day” and “No One Like You” a listen.

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