Anteversion, Retroversion, Squat Stance, and Tissue Tolerance – Movement Debrief Episode 101

Movement Debrief Episode 101 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me.

Here is the set list:

  • Why does a foot turn out or in?
  • How can we decide how much foot position is related to normal femoral torsion or ventral cavity movement limitations?
  • How much does femoral version matter?
  • Should we advocate for a straight foot in all activities?
  • Why and when should we apply a straight foot position?
  • How does this relate to running fast?
  • What do different stance widths do to the squat?
  • How can impingement happen in a squat?
  • How can I find the “best” stance width on a squat?
  • How do I explain tissue tolerance to clients?
  • What about tissues such as joints or nerves? Do those also have tissue tolerance?

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and the audio version:  

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Determination and Significance of Femoral Neck Anteversion

Anteversion & Retroversion

Squat Stance

Tissue Tolerance

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash