What REALLY is Good Posture?

Is there such a thing?

There’s a common misconception within the movement space that good posture is this one position that you must hold…all…the..time.

But is that true?


And that is one of many things that I discussed in this interview that I did on Jaw Hacks, a Youtube channel devoted to all things upper airway and breathing (a MUST follow).

In this interview, we discuss a bunch of different things, ranging from:

  • What is posture and why EVERYONE gets it wrong
  • How to exhaust all conservative measures to keep you healthy WITHOUT surgery
  • Why surgery should be avoided for as long as possible
  • How movement restrictions can negatively impact upper airway treatment
  • and more

Simply put, you DO NOT want to miss this podcast.

Watch the full video below:

On the fence about committing the full 2 hours? Then watch this quick clip: