Split Squat Form – A LIVE Coaching Example

Troubleshooting split squat compensations with two cases

Split squats are one of the hardest exercises to coach.

There are a lot of potential movement compensations that will limit you or your client’s ability to get the most out of this versatile move.

Is there an easy way to navigate these issues with these split squats? Can I make coaching this move easier?

I think so.

In today’s video, you’ll see me navigate two different clients who were having difficulty performing a split squat during my seminar, Human Matrix.

If you have someone who:

– Can’t descend well in the split squat
– Can’t keep the front heel on the ground
– Feel too much quad in the back leg
– Can’t keep a good torso position during the split squat

Then you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Watch the video below to learn more!