The Learning Process, The Axial Skeleton, and Squats – Rebel Performance Podcast

Are you struggling at structuring your learning?

Or perhaps this whole inhalation and exhalation mechanics in regards to movement is confusing AF.

Or maybe you are caught up in social media squat debates and don’t know what to believe anymore, or what is safe.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll definitely want to check out this podcast I did on Rebel Performance.

In it, we deep dive into all of these topics, and why it’s important for both your programming and that of your clients.

I also make a surprise announcement on it 🙂

Topics discussed include:

  • Just in time learning, and why it will better help with retention
  • The power of teaching in helping aid in topical learning
  • Ways to improving retention when you are studying a task
  • How context and environment influence learning
  • How to balance consumption and reflection to maximize retention
  • The difference between squatting and hinging, and when to program what to improve movement options
  • How specific squat and hinge variations can positively influence movement capabilities
  • Why the heel wedge is nearly essential for a great squat
  • How you can use your ability to pull your knee to your chest to assess your movement capabilities
  • Why it’s safe on your knees to squat below parallel

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 14: Zac Cupples

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Image by skeeze from Pixabay