The Keys to Improving Your Upper Airway

Sleep apnea, upper airway resistance, snoring, grinding your teeth, ADHD; what do all of these areas have in common?

Many of these conditions can be attributed to problems in the upper airway, including tongue position, airway structure, and more.

The ability to maximize your ability to breathe in this area is critical and was the topic of a podcast I did with Dr. Mike T. Nelson.

Here is the list of things we discussed: 

  • Avoiding dentures
  • What proper mouth structure should be
  • The connection between sleep and mouth structure
  • The connection between ADHD and other behavior issues and airway
  • What to ask for with a sleep study
  • At home sleep apnea testing: Watch-PAT
  • Addressing oral posture sooner rather than later
  • How much can you change
  • It takes a team to be fully optimized
  • Recommendations on what to do and where to go

This podcast will help guide you through all the steps you need to maximize your airway, sleep, and health. 

Click the link below to learn more.

Cranial Face Structures, Nasal Breathing, Orthodontics, Tongue Position, and More Unlikely Performance Limiters: Interview with Zac Cupples