These Posture Tips UNLOCK Your Sh*t

Prepare to Move and Feel Better After Trying These

Good posture is misunderstood. Most think it’s maintaining a rigid stance—standing tall with your shoulders pulled back and hips tucked. However, such a posture is impractical and restrictive, especially with living an active lifestyle.

We’re not statues; we’re meant to move freely!

Embrace these four transformative tips that encourage natural posture and enhance mobility without constant attention.

Shift Your Weight to Your Heels

Most of us stand with our weight shifted towards our toes, which can lead to excessive arching of the lower back, flared ribs, and a forward-jutting head. An easy fix is to shift your weight back onto your heels. This simple change can significantly improve your ability to rotate, relax your back, and enhance overall posture.

Feel the heels!


  • Stand and notice where your weight is—usually, it’s on the toes.
  • Consciously shift your weight back to your heels.
  • Practice shifting weight from one heel to the other while walking.

The REAL Way to Get Pelvis Posture

Rather than forcibly tucking your hips or sticking your butt out—a common mistake—focus on achieving natural motion through the pelvis. The way we achieve this? Breathing This approach prevents cheating the motion through the lower back, which doesn’t effectively improve posture or mobility.

And DEFINITELY not this


  • Slow 5-10 count nasal inhale
  • Slow 4-8 count mouth exhale
  • Keep nasal breathing throughout

Enhance Mobility with an Exaggerated Arm Swing

Incorporate a more pronounced arm swing while walking. Think of adding a bit of swagger to your step, much like a cinematic cowboy. This not only enhances the rotational movement of your trunk, improving overall mobility but also helps correct forward head posture indirectly.

Full portrait of walking man in white t-shirt casuals – isolated on white.

Exercise Steps:

  • While walking, consciously swing your arms more than usual.
  • Ensure the swing is relaxed and natural, not forced.
  • Imagine having a slight swagger to encourage a full range of motion in your arm swing.

Sum Up

Improving your posture goes beyond standing up straight; it’s about enhancing how you move and live every day.

These tips provide a practical and manageable approach to better posture and mobility. By periodically focusing on these aspects—heel balance, pelvic motion, breathing adjustments, and arm swings—you can maintain a healthy posture effortlessly.

Remember, good posture is about moving well and living better, not just looking upright. Start integrating these tips into your daily routine and feel the difference in your mobility and overall health.

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