November 2019 Links and Review

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The Power of Thinking Days – Biggest Lesson of the Month

I didn’t get the chance to go home this year for T-Givs, but what I did instead was quite powerful…

I thought.

Inspired by the Bill Gates Docuseries, I decided to wall up in a hotel for a few days, and spend time reading and thinking about a singular topic – the squat.

For those who don’t know, Bill Gates periodically does thinking weeks where he goes away from society and spends time reading and thinking about relevant problems. Once I saw he did this, I was curious as to what I would gain from a similar endeavor.

An absolute boss! (photo by DFID – UK Department for International Development)

Though I wasn’t perfect at only reading, I still learned a great deal over the few days. I was able to synthesize the information better, and improved my creative at placing what I’ve learned into relevant content.

Though many of us may not be able to take weeks or days to think, could we perhaps set aside a periodic day, or even a few hours, towards thinking? Reflecting? Learning? All three?

I feel as though taking time to focus on a singular topic and spending time thinking could profoundly be impactful for the problems you wish to solve, and can only help you become better at your craft.

How do you build focused thinking and learning into your routine? Comment below and let the fam know!

Health & Wellness

Time to stop being afraid of plane crashes and sharks (Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay)

Comparing causes of death

Are you afraid of dying in a plane crash? Or getting bit by a shark? Well, when you see this comparison graphic, you may reconsider how to divert your energy and efforts.

Is the Oura Ring overrated?

Sleep trackers are quite popular, but do they work? If you own the Oura Ring like me, you might be given pause by this article. In it, a cardiologist goes Ether on the supposed science behind the Oura ring, and made me think twice about the data I extract from my device.

Sleep Hygiene 101

Yeah, you know you gotta up your sleep hygiene game, but which keys are most effective? That’s where this infographic (and journal article) come in. Here, they check out the evidence on sleep hygiene stuff. Learn which ones will help you snooze, and which ones to lose.

Are you dissociated, bruh?

I’ve been working with my boi Seth Oberst, and much of our work has focused on improving dissociation from the body. But how do you measure if you are dealing with it? That’s where this survey comes in. If you score high, you probably need to do some stuff to improve on that my G.

Some unconventional sleep tips

I always like new sleep hygiene tips, and this article may have a few tricks up the sleeve that you may not have heard of.

One that I’ve been experimenting with is having lavender essential oils go while I’m sleeping, and it has seem to provide some improvements in my sleep quality. Placebo? As long as I get the outcome who cares!

Personal Development

Jah feel, one might say (Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay)

How to use empathy to win arguments

Convincing others to change their beliefs is super hard. What should you do instead?

Perhaps you need to change your frames, as this article emphasizes some worthwhile tactics on how to approach arguments with other.s

Stop talking all weak sauce

What if the words you use are influencing your success at work? Check out this article, which outlines 6 words to avoid. Don’t get taken advantage of at work anymore!

How to stop staring at your phone all day

While Screen Time has been super useful at making me aware of how much time I spend on my phone (yuck), I still find myself getting stuck on it from time to time.

This video explains some other useful tips and tricks to reducing your screen time even further. I’ve started implementing these and have spent WAY less time on my phone because of it.

Surviving long distance relationships

With technology, long distance relationships are easier to get into and maintain more than even, but let’s not get it twisted fam, it’s hard as hell. Often times a struggle. How does one navigate this? Mark Manson has this essential guide which provides unique things to consider not just with LDRs, but all relationships.

A fun way to learn physics

I’ve been trying to dive back into learning some physics, but it can tough to figure out where to start. Some textbooks can be incredibly complex.

That’s where the app Brilliant comes in. Here, they teach you complex physics concepts by using practical everyday phenomena. Want to understand fluid mechanics? Let’s look at toilets. Want to understad pressure and temperature? Let’s inflate a basketball.

I started with physics of the everyday, and have computer science and casino probability up next. What can I say? I want to win more at poker 🙂

401k on steroids

How do rich people make $$$? The answer lies in specific investments that they have access to. What if I told you that you could also access these investments? Check out the super 401k, why it’s important, and how you can set yourself up for one.

Professional Development

It’s a long game though. Be prepared (Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)

Better selling through better writing

To sell your business and get your message across to your intended market effectively, understanding sales copy is a must. I found a treasure trove of information on the topic on the Copyblogger blog. Sign up for their newsletter, and you’ll get a bunch of the fundamentals.


Scapulohumeral rhythm to a T

I did some research over the weekend, and came across this dope paper that outlined the details of scapulohumeral rhythm, Big ups to the study participants, who surgically had pins put in to measure motion (yikes).

How to navigate flare-ups

Your patient or client comes to you with a pain or symptom flare-up. How should you respond? That’s where this great infographic by the Holistic Fitness Connector herself, Lucy Hendricks.

Here, she outlines a four step process of how to best support you client during these very challenging times.

Music & Miscellaneous

STRAIGHT BARS (Photo by Elliot Hensford)

Survival of the fittest

One of my favorite newcomers in hip hop is Dave East, and his new album, Survival, does not disappoint. It’s a careful craft of street poetry, variety in beats, and some awesome features.

Give They Wanna Kill You, Godfather 4, and Devil Eyes a listen.

The history of hip hop

I may have to get a Netflix account after watching a bunch of this show called Hip-Hop Evolution. Basically, the docuseries goes through the history of hip hop, some of the major players, and has awesome interview segments. Prepare to get hooked.

How to be a gangsta and a gentleman

One of the most prolific rappers of all time, Styles P the Ghost, dropped ANOTHER new album called Presence. What I love about the album is the consistency of street poetry that Styles puts out.

Give Blam, Blam, Blam a listen.

Back from the Dead

I was super enthused to hear a new Gang Starr album came out, and it did not disappoint. DJ Premier was able to procure some unreleased vocal tracks by the late Guru, and I was thoroughly impressed by the relevance of his rhymes and the features chosen to fill in the gaps.

Give Family and Loyalty, Lights Out, What’s Real, and Get Together a Listen

One of the smartest minds of our time

Bae and I recently watched the new Bill Gates docuseries on Netflix, and who knew just how much one of the most influential minds of our time is trying to change the world with his foundation. I really loved how they alternated between his past and present in style, which gives you a thorough appreciation of how otherworldly his mind is. Seeing the way he works will really get you amped up to do better.

Check out the trailer if you don’t have Netflix.

Pete Rock is back!

You heard that right, and you definitely gotta check out his new collab album with Skyzoo called Retropolitan (kudos to Aline for letting me know!) The beats are the classic samples you would expect from Pete, but the Skyzoo rhymes are as real as they get.

My hands down favorite that has been on repeat is “It’s All Good.”

Cover photo by Pexels from Pixabay


  1. Zac Perhaps you’ve covered this in the past and if so maybe just send me where I can find that information but I’ve had a couple people tell me that it heals elevated squat puts more shearing load on the knees and I’m wondering if this is only in reference to if the bar is on the back or if it’s a front squat or how I can navigate the conversation around bypassing the ankle joint

    1. Hey Paige,

      Great to hear from you!

      Anytime the knees are pushed more forward, such as with a true squat, there will be more forces imparted on the knee joints, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Squatting below parallel actually reduces shear forces on the knee joint because of thigh-shank contact, and elevating the heels makes it much easier to squat to the depth.

      Interestingly enough, having heel elevation on a back squat doesn’t seem to do much for changing trunk position. My guess is because a back squat is more hinge-like than squat-like.

      It’s funny. Much of the focus has been reducing the shear forces on knees, yet how can we say increasing forces on the hip joint is desirable???

      I would check out these articles if you can get ahold of them:

      Keep fighting the good fight!


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