Hip Laxity, Agility, and Smashing Tissues – Movement Debrief Episode 34

Movement Debrief Episode 34 is in the books. Here is a copy of the video and audio for your listening pleasure.

Here is the set list:

  • How does we consider a hip relatively lax?
  • Can one be lax and “stuck” into a hip?
  • How do we treat hip laxity?
  • What is agility?
  • How does one become more agile?
  • What drills best develop agility?
  • Can agility be taught?
  • How to prevent a patient or client from falling in love with you
  • What does treating flexible athletes (gymnasts, acrobats) look like?
  • How do I treat a sports hernia?
  • Is “smashing tissues” a useful part of a program?

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Here were the links I mentioned:

Infrasternal Angles

Effect of changes in pelvic tilt on range of motion to impingement and radiographic parameters of acetabular morphologic characteristics.

Lessons from a Student: The Interaction

Three-dimensional mathematical model for deformation of human fasciae in manual therapy.

The Mechanisms of Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain: A Comprehensive Model

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Preventing Clients from Falling in Love with You

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