Knee Mechanics During the Bodyweight Squat

A Note from Zac

This week we have a guest post brought to you from my boi Benjamin Fergus, a Chiropractor friend of mine, who sent me an incredibly comprehensive video on squat mechanics.

I first met Ben at a DNS course way back in the day, and he was a pretty sharp kid then. Having watched this video, I can see that his knowledge base has only grown.

In this spot, Ben goes over the mechanics of the bodyweight squat, and I think you folks will tremendously appreciate his explanation of what is occurring at the knee.

Once you’ve finished watching the video, check his stuff out at GRIP Approach. You won’t be mistaken.



The Knee’s Position in the Squat

This overview of the ‘Complex Movements of the Knee Complex’ is not intended to tell you the right way to squat, but rather to show what is happening with the anatomy during movement and why. It also will show you how to read/name the movements with observation from the side and front.

Here on earth gravity is king in a squat. We like to keep the line of gravity and center of mass (COM/COG) situated over the midfoot. All variations of the squat can be seen as unique attempts to move our mass closer to the ground while keeping the COM over the midfoot.

There are no rights or wrongs named in this video, just a look at the possibilities of joint motion. What does ‘ knee internal rotation’ mean? We’ll look at that terminology and study what that translates to at the hip, femur, and shin in this biomechanics breakdown.

Benjamin Fergus, DC, DNS
Founder of GRIP Approach Educational Seminars

 @GRIPapproach on Instagram and Twitter

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