June 2018 Links and Review

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Biggest Lesson of the Month

The importance of community.

I got to spend some time in Costa Rica with a bunch of bros, and it made me realize how lacking I am in the social department. A negative of travel PT.

A bro-down for the ages

Having that social aspect of your life filled is a big deal, and I realized how little stress I was feeling when I had my boi’s nearby.

Though I have goals related to travel PT, once this chapter of my life is done, social life is going to take a big step upward in importance to me.

Health & Wellness

Drugs = not so good on the gut

Chris Kresser put out a great article explaining how non-antibiotic drugs can impact the gut.

This wasn’t just about antibiotics either. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Healthy poo on the road

Sure, you got yourself a squatty potty for home, but what are you going to do when you travel and still want your poo game to be on fleek?

Enter the Porta Squatty. This has been perfect for me with my travel gig, and if push comes to shove, it’s super easy to travel with.

Get Cognitive Behavioral Therapy right at home

While I talk a lot about physical health, are you taking care of your mental as well?

The problem is therapy can be a big time consumer and inconvenient because of appointments…until now.

Online-Therapy.com is a cool website that takes you through CBT exercises (think therapeutic stoicism), and I’ve found using it incredibly helpful for squashing any maladaptive beliefs or causes of procrastination.

Change cooking forever

After much cajoling from my best good friend, I got an Instant Pot pressure cooker, and am sad I didn’t get one sooner.

I love this thing because it cooks the stuff that usually takes forever–grains, rice, etc—and does so with remarkable speed. Your pulled porks and briskets will never be the same.

Side note, the friend above who hooked me on this initially called it the Instapot, to which I now lovingly refer to (and now get multiple head-shakes from) as “dat Instapot BAYYBAYYYY”

I be chefin’ up all types of good shit with this one.

The impact stress has on your gut

Chris Kresser wrote an awesome post on how stress can contribute to gut problems such as SIBO.

Not only does he go into details on the mechanisms, he also provides treatment options to consider. After hearing Seth Oberst speak, these treatments aimed at mitigating stress are intriguing.


Powerlifting preparation the right way

Lucy Hendricks dropped the mic with this post on utilizing unconventional tactics to prepare for powerlifting.

Lucy questions many conventional preparatory methods, provides unique alternatives, and most importantly, gets results. The number of powerlifters she has impacted continues to grow. Definitely a person worth working with if you want to move better.

A key in sustainable fat loss

Daddy-O pops posted about a key moment in the weight loss journey: the dip.

The dip is the normal point in time in which you feel as though your current plan is unsustainable. Bill shows you how to easily break through that.

An awesome resource manual

Michelle Boland collaborated with several colleagues to release this resource manual, which gives you a ton of different learning options pending which topic you are looking to dive into.

If you want to learn about performance, coaching, nutrition, or the brain, this resource list is money!

Personal Development

Passion is overrated

I loved this Lifehacker post on passion, and basically how it’s complete BS.

When people are passionate about a given topic, oftentimes that leads to less reading outside of their field; a place to draw many things from.

Instead, develop something great. Practice, and get better.

Yeah, screw that mess

Do you even journal?

I’ve been trying to build in reflection and gratitude practice throughout my day, and the Five Minute Journal App is something I’ve been utilizing to complete that.

It’s a simple app that asks a few questions day and night that help keep perspective, keep you on track, and most importantly, keep you grateful.

Trust people will ya?

This post by Seth Godin really hit home for me. In a day and age where trust is a limited resource, sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Use the handshake. If you want to build trust, find like-minded people to work with, and you ought to be in bidness.

A kick in the teeth we all need

Eric Barker wrote about 4 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person, and it was unbelievable.

One of my favorites was realizing that people will let you down, but that doesn’t mean we should not continue to trust more. Crazy? Read to find out more.

Charmed I’m sure…how to be more charming

Eric Barker wrote an incredible post on how to be charming, which is arguably the most important piece of giving a good first impression.

Barker lists out all the major keys, many backed by research, to being a charming person. My favorite? Listening. If you actively listen to the people you interact with, and actually care, you will make way more friends than you will enemies.

How to keep the fire going in a long term relationship

In trying to keep my education all well-rounded and stuff, I came across this Ted Talk by Esther Perel, which discusses the keys to keeping desire going in a long term relationship.

I appreciated the dichotomy we all face between security and adventure, and it’s the ability to maintain these two qualities that makes relationships succeed, and lack of one that makes them fail.

Make economy class flying more comfortable

Flying is uncomfortable enough, yet doesn’t legroom seem to shrink further and further?

This post compares the leg room on all the major airlines; a prized commodity.

That’s why you gotta rock that economy plus fam #moderateroller

Professional Development

Improve your writing skills by learning copy

I have a lot of friends who are telling me all about copyrighting, and I have no clue where to start. This post on Ramit Sethi’s blog provides an overview of the skills necessary to write effective copy.



For those who don’t know, Nas is my favorite rapper hands down, and his new album, NASIR, is a prime example why. Though short, the lyricism that makes Nas one of the greats is ever present.

Give “Cops Shot the Kid” and “Adam and Eve” a listen.

Yeah, DJ Jazzy Jeff is still a thing

Some folks thing that DJ Jazzy Jeff is just Will Smith’s DJ, but he’s actually an incredible hip hop producer. His new album, M3, shows that off. It doesn’t hurt that he has Rhymefest on several tracks.

Give “Scars” and “Child of God” a listen.

Underrated AF

Increase your productivity or start spitting freestyles

Sometimes I have to mixup my playlists when I am trying to put in some productive work, and I found this gem of a playlist: focus flow.

Very few lyrics, but tons of lo-fi, soulful beats that just upped my focus like whoa. If I ever drop a mixtape, expect the lyrics over these beats #flava

I’m your neighborhood Pusha, call me Subwoofa

Pusha-T is a cat who has been putting out great music since he initially started it all with Clipse, and DAYTONA is no different.

It’s a pretty short album, and I couldn’t find a bad song on it. Definitely give it a listen.

And if you can’t get enough of that, Pusha-T released a nasty Drake diss trackthat’ll make you go daumnnn. I’d like to think I’d do similar if any PT tries to start beef.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Black Thought…

He releases this incredible album with 9th Wonder as the producer. It’s two of the finest in their crafts, creating something that is absolutely wonderful. Give it a listen.

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